National Political Committee Elections for 2019-2021

How will members learn about NPC candidates?

You can find a list of the 2019 National Political Committee (NPC) candidates here. All NPC Candidates filled out a candidate questionnaire. Their answers to this questionnaire have been posted on the Discussion Board and emailed to all members. The NPC Election Committee will also host three national candidate forums via Zoom.


When were the national candidate forums be held, and where is the information available?

We held three NPC candidate forums on Zoom June 30, July 7, and July 14. Each call featured a different group of candidates. Members received a form to submit questions in advance. The calls were recorded, and videos were posted on the Discussion Board, emailed to everyone who RSVPd, and emailed to all delegates.


How will the NPC be elected?

Members will vote through preferential ballot at the 2019 DSA National Convention. The DSA Constitution requires that no more than eight shall be men, and that at least five be reserved for people of color.


What do NPC members do?

The NPC is the highest decision making body between national conventions and acts as DSA’s Board of Directors. Please see a description of NPC member responsibilities here.


How could members be nominated for NPC?

NPC candidates must be have been nominated either by their chapter or organizing committee (through a vote at a general or regular meeting open to the whole membership or an online vote) or by a National Working Group, Committee or Commission or the AFROSOC-POC Caucus. Members who wished to run for NPC were required to fill out a candidate questionnaire by June 16.


When was the deadline for NPC candidate nominations?

The deadline to submit all NPC nominations was June 16th, 2019.


Who was eligible to run for the National Political Committee?

Any member of DSA in good standing was eligible to run for NPC.