2019 National Convention

Save the date! The 2019 DSA National Convention will be held August 1-4 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Please read the preconvention rules passed at the January 2019 National Political Committee meeting or view the slideshow we shared on a national zoom call and are presenting at the preconvention conferences.

The national office will include general interest convention updates in the monthly Dispatch and in occasional member emails. If you are a DSA member in good standing, and want to receive more frequent and detailed National Convention update emails, you can opt-in for those here.



Apportionment Ratio

In 2019, chapters will be able to send one delegate to the national convention per every 51 members in good standing. The NPC has apportioned 100 at-large delegate seats for members who are not in a chapter. At-large members and members of Organizing Committees are eligible to run for one of the 100 at-large delegate seats.


Nominations Are Open for At-Large Delegates!

DSA members who would like to run in the At-Large Delegate Election must fill out the At-Large Delegates Nominations Form during the nominations period between March 1st and April 30th. Please check your email for a link to the form. More information here.


The Submissions Period for Proposing Changes to the DSA National Constitution and Bylaws is Open!

Any member or group of DSA members in good standing may propose changes to the DSA National Constitution and/or Bylaws between Saturday, March 2nd and Thursday, May 2nd. To review the full text of DSA’s National Constitution and Bylaws, visit www.dsausa.org/about-us/constitution.


Individuals may propose up to 4 changes. To be eligible for the Convention Program, proposed changes must be accompanied by 50 names of DSA members in good standing who support the change to ensure that there is a base level of support for the change in DSA. Although members may only author or co-author up to 4 changes, individuals may sign their names to an unlimited number of Constitutional or Bylaws changes.


The National Resolutions and Amendments Committee will work with authors of Constitutional and Bylaws Changes to ensure that their submissions are in order and to connect authors of similar changes who may wish to synthesize their submissions in the lead up to issuing the Convention Program.

Please use this form to submit changes to the Constitution or Bylaws for debate at the National Convention.


The Submissions Period for Submitting Resolutions is Open

Any member or group of DSA members in good standing may submit resolutions to be debated at the DSA National Convention in August between April 2nd and June 2nd.


Resolutions must have a minimum of 50 signatures of support from DSA members in good standing. Although individual members may propose up to 4 resolutions, there is no limit on the number of resolutions or amendments a member in good standing may sign onto a supporter.


Looking for resources to help you draft your resolution? Check out this model resolution and resolution writing guide for helpful tips before you begin drafting. We encourage you to use this template to help you draft your resolutions.


Please submit your resolution and all accompanying materials through this form.


Nominations for DSA’s National Political Committee Are Open

Fill out the NPC Candidate Questionnaire during the nomination period, between April 2nd and June 2nd, if you would like to run for the 2019-2021 NPC.

In order to run for the NPC, DSA members must be in good standing. The 2019 Preconvention Rules state that candidates to the NPC must be nominated by a majority vote of any chapter’s or OC’s general meeting, a national committee, a national working group, or the AFROSOC-POC Caucus. Please see a description of NPC member responsibilities here and more info about the NPC election here

Important Dates 

February 1 Delegate apportionment ratio will be decided, with a target number of 1,000 delegates
 By March 1 National DSA will send a call for at-large delegates
 March 1 At-large nominations begin
 March 2 Any member or group of DSA members in good standing may propose changes to the DSA national constitution or bylaws through May 2
 By April 2 National DSA will inform locals of the number of delegates apportioned to them
 April 2 Any member or group of DSA members in good standing may propose political or organizational resolutions through June 2
 April 2  NPC nominees must complete a candidate questionnaire through June 2
April 2 Locals elect delegates and alternate delegates, through June 18
April 30 Deadline for at-large nominations
By May 2 National DSA will hold at-large delegate elections, through May 23
By June 13 Compendium of proposed resolutions and constitutional/bylaws amendments and compendium of candidate questionnaires released. At least one national NPC candidate forum or debate held by this deadline. 
June 13
Any member or group of DSA members in good standing may submit amendments to proposed resolutions and Constitutional and Bylaws changes through July 2
By June 23 Locals must report convention delegate election results to national DSA, including delegate contact information and requests for full or partial relief from travel share requirements
July 12 Deadline for National DSA to send a temporary roster of delegates and alternates to delegates, alternates, locals, national commissions and DSA officers
July 19 Deadline for challenges to the credentials of any delegate or alternate to be submitted to national DSA
By July 26 Final convention program released


Other Logistics

We will have an accessibility committee, travel scholarships, and child watch. More info coming soon!