Get Involved

Joining DSA means making a commitment to cooperation and solidarity. Join and help us build working class power, further democratic socialism in the United States, and fight to democratize our economy and society.

As a DSA member, you can participate in a variety of ways, depending on your time, financial resources, and interests. All are important.

Get involved in your local chapter.

Find the chapter nearest to you! DSA chapters organize campaigns to transform their communities and spread our political ideas. If you’re a student, check out the list of Young Democratic Socialists of America chapters.

Sign up for our National Priorities.

Participate in identity/issue-based working groups.

DSA’s national working groups, caucuses and commissions organize around issues of identity or particular political interests. These help link DSA to critical social movements and provide an important mechanism through which DSA members can organize at the national or chapter level.

Participate in national work committees.

Members who are not near a DSA chapter can contribute skills such as graphic design, social media organizing, editing, writing, etc. Current committees are:

Attend online, national and regional events.

DSA chapters are all over the country and organize local campaigns and activities. Headquarters also organizes national and regional gatherings plus an annual convention every other year, and especially now, video calls and trainings on a variety of topics.

Learn about upcoming events on our calendar.

Share DSA content with others!

Many people share our values, but don’t know there is a name for the ideas. Others already consider themselves democratic socialists or anti-capitalist, but haven’t heard of DSA. You can play a critical role by visibly representing DSA and talking to friends, family, neighbors, coalition partners and others. If you share a flyer, blog post, copy of Democratic Left or other DSA literature, they may thank you for letting them know about DSA. Downloadable flyers and web versions can be found in our resources section and articles from our three blogs on the DSA homepage.

Follow us on key social media platforms and help spread the word by liking, sharing, commenting on, retweeting, and favoriting posts:

Understanding DSA Structure

DSA is democratic from top to bottom. Find the best place to get involved.

Pay Dues and/or make additional financial contributions.

DSA is entirely member funded. This means we are accountable to members, but that sometimes we must raise additional funds for special projects. In our highly capitalistic country, we appreciate every dollar from memberships, special fundraising, or bequests. We especially appreciate members who build a solid foundation for DSA by making a regular monthly contribution.