Solidarity with UAW 4811

DSA stands in solidarity with UAW 4811’s decision to call a strike authorization vote in response to the University of California’s fierce repression of pro-Palestine protests, including the arrest and assault of several union members. Unlike the student movement of the 1960s, campuses today have highly organized unions representing hundreds of thousands of educators, researchers, and other workers to fight back against the repression of anti-war student movements. DSA’s project of strengthening the labor movement is predicated on the idea that in moments of political crisis, unions will have the power, flexibility, and moral courage to stand up. Now such a moment has arisen, and labor militancy is critical for contemporary anti-war movements to succeed. 

UAW 4811—which represents 48,000 academic student employees, postdocs, and researchers at the University of California—has the highest concentration of DSA members of any union in the country. We encourage all of our members within UAW 4811 to prioritize organizing for strike authorization, and should they decide to strike, we encourage all DSA members in California to support them to the greatest extent they can.

We are proud of our fellow DSA members leading the charge in this historic struggle, and hope to see other unions across the country heed the call and strike for Palestine.