Solidarity with the Student Movement and the Gaza Solidarity Encampments

DSA stands in unwavering solidarity with the students across Columbia, Yale, NYU, Vanderbilt, Cal Poly, University of Michigan and the dozens of rapidly developing encampments at campuses across the country. The victories of the student movement are incumbent upon the victories and wins of Palestinian student groups, and we pledge to fight alongside them for a free Palestine as they face increasingly unprecedented repression from the state. These wins are a precedent for our movement as a whole, and follow a decades-long tradition of students putting their bodies on the line to stop the ravages of imperialism and the military-industrial complex, such as the movements against the Vietnam War, South African apartheid, and the Iraq War.

We support the righteous message of protesters at the encampments. We call on our comrades to support efforts nationwide to force universities to divest from the Zionist occupation and call on the United States government to cease all aid to Israel. Where protests appear, we’ll appear in numbers. Where repression looms, we’ll show up and protect the whole. Where support is needed, we’ll be a support.

As socialists, we must not lose sight of our fight for the urgent stop to the genocide in Gaza and the liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea. We commend the student movement on re-igniting the streets and we will fight by their side, shoulder to shoulder, to force all our institutions to divest from the Zionist settler colonial project, end all aid and arms to Israel, and for the complete and full liberation of Palestine.

*Laws vary by state, and we encourage event organizers and participants to contact your local region of the National Lawyers Guild for guidance on how to protect protesters.