Turn Anger to Action — Your May Dispatch

Here’s your May Dispatch! This month, organize to support Palestine, build our Green New Deal work, learn about the history of racial justice organizing, and more. Read on to get involved. 

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From Our Co-Chairs — Turn Anger to Action

The contradictions of capitalism are always there, if you look for them, but they’re on full display this week. While the ruling class queues up in million-dollar jewels and priceless bespoke outfits for the $35,000-per-ticket Met Gala, Israel drops US-made bombs on refugee encampments full of children in Rafah with just a finger-wag from the President — who admitted for the first time that Israelis have used US weapons to kill civilians, and after 7 months of Israeli war crimes and 35,000 Palestinians killed, has finally suggested a basic step of conditioning US military aid. While college students across the country are brutalized by police forces called in to tear apart their peaceful encampments, yet another company was slapped with a fine — and nothing more — for employing 13-year-olds in overnight shifts cleaning slaughterhouses. 

These things aren’t new or even particularly surprising to socialists. But in a political moment where these sorts of tensions show themselves in profound and very visible ways, it’s our job as organizers to make sure we’re helping move people into collective action. We continue to demand a permanent ceasefire, an end to the genocide of Palestinians, and no money for massacres with our tax dollars.

More than half a million people have already showed up to vote Uncommitted in Democratic presidential primary elections already, and DSA members are continuing to drive the ground game in upcoming state primaries in Maryland and New Jersey — organizing voters to continue sending an unmistakable signal that the Biden administration must end these atrocities or face the consequences. From Santa Fe to Boston, we’re organizing our communities to pass local ceasefire resolutions. Chapters in Louisville, Kentucky, and Atlanta, Georgia are organizing to win electoral races with DSA cadre candidates who will stand up for our values in the South. Across the country, we are standing in solidarity with students organizing their campuses for Gaza. Highly organized labor unions are playing a critical role at this moment — just this week, DSA members in UAW 4811, which represents 48,000 academic workers at the University of California, are among those leading the charge in calling a strike authorization in response to the university’s fierce repression of pro-Palestine protests.

If you haven’t been involved in your DSA chapter or a national committee or working group lately, now is a perfect time to jump back into the fold. This year will only become more politically intense, and DSA needs your energy.

If you are an active member already, now’s the perfect time to assess how your chapter or working group onboards new people. There’s energy in the air and we need to capture it — how can we do a better job of making people feel welcome and plugging them immediately into work?

Looking for more ways to tap in right now?

Capitalism will never self-regulate its way out of violence and cruelty. We need socialism and we need it now. We’ve got a world to win. Let’s get to it!

DSA Stands in Solidarity with UAW 4811

DSA stands in solidarity with UAW 4811’s decision to call a strike authorization vote in response to the University of California’s fierce repression of pro-Palestine protests, including the arrest and assault of several union members. Unlike the student movement of the 1960s, campuses today have highly organized unions representing hundreds of thousands of educators, researchers, and other workers to fight back against the repression of anti-war student movements. DSA’s project of strengthening the labor movement is predicated on the idea that in moments of political crisis, unions will have the power, flexibility, and moral courage to stand up. Now such a moment has arisen, and labor militancy is critical for contemporary anti-war movements to succeed. 

UAW 4811—which represents 48,000 academic student employees, postdocs, and researchers at the University of California—has the highest concentration of DSA members of any union in the country. We encourage all of our members within UAW 4811 to prioritize organizing for strike authorization, and should they decide to strike, we encourage all DSA members in California to support them to the greatest extent they can.

We are proud of our fellow DSA members leading the charge in this historic struggle, and hope to see other unions across the country heed the call and strike for Palestine. 

Tonight Thursday 5/9 — Join Setting a Larger Table: Creating a World of Economic, Racial, and Social Justice

Join DSA’s Religion and Socialism Working Group for Setting a Larger Table: Creating a World of Economic, Racial, and Social Justice. This livestreamed event will be on Thursday 5/9 at 7pm ET/6pm CT/5pm MT/4pm PT. Hear DSA members Andrew Wilkes and Gary Dorrien in conversation with Dorothee Benz about their latest books!

Gary Dorrien’s work documents the Black social gospel tradition’s tremendous role in the quest for justice. And in his forthcoming Plenty Good Room, Andrew Wilkes makes a case for anti-imperial, democratic socialisms, drawing on the traditions of Black social Christianity and the Black radical tradition. Moderator Dorothee Benz, a writer, organizer, and strategist, has spent decades on the frontlines of social justice struggles in the United States.

RSVP for Green New Deal Building for Power May Campaign Huddle!

Join Green New Deal’s monthly call to workshop problems, share wins, and collaborate on ideas when fighting for ecosocialism! The call will be on Wednesday 5/29 at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT. RSVP today!

DSA at Socialism Conference 2024 — Early Bird Discount Until Friday 6/28

We’re excited to invite you to Socialism 2024 in Chicago this Labor Day Weekend! Socialism 2024 is the largest socialist conference in North America, and DSA is happy to be a co-sponsor. 

The last year has changed us all. As global crises deepen, social movements the world over are striving toward new visions and experimenting with new strategies. From Palestine to the US and beyond, radical politics have re-emerged as necessary for both survival and full liberation. At this critical juncture, the Socialism 2024 Conference will be a vital gathering space for today’s left.

Featured speakers this year will include: Noura Erakat, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Mohammed El-Kurd, Arundhati Roy, Ilan Pappé, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Nick Estes, Vincent Bevins, Derecka Purnell, Hanif Abdurraqib, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Rachel Herzing, Justin Piché, Jules Gill-Peterson, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Daniel Denvir, Silky Shah, Nyle Fort, Sarah Jaffe, Dave Zirin, Ashley Dawson, Rob Larson, and many more.

Registration is now live, and early bird discounts are available until Friday 6/28.

Welcome Our New Chapter!

A warm welcome to our latest chapter, Lancaster DSA in Pennsylvania!