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From the National Political Committee — Choose Solidarity! Choose 1% for 99%

The establishment tells us that we have to choose. Between immigration or safety. A strong economy or a green transition. Standing against genocide in Palestine or protecting trans lives. Between two candidates, once every four years.

But as socialists, we know those are all false choices. That in the fight for our future, there’s only one real choice. To Choose Solidarity, and build the independent power it takes to make our own choices.

Our solidarity won Seattle workers the highest minimum wage in the country, over 110,000 uncommitted votes in the Michigan presidential primary, protected and expanded the right to abortion care for millions in Ohio, and elected over 200 socialists to office.

Our solidarity forces bosses, mayors, and even governors to bend to our will.

But the political moment demands that we set our aims even higher. As AIPAC opens its war chest, we need a class war chest to match. That’s why so many comrades have signed up to pay solidarity dues — and you can sign up to give your 1% for the 99%, too.

Join us this Sunday 3/24 for the Choose Solidarity campaign kickoff! Hear updates on our political campaigns, and learn how you can step up to make sure DSA can be a member-funded mass organization with the collective resources to win socialism. 

Right after the call, we’ll be joining the National Labor Commission to host a Solidarity Income Based Dues phonebank, and pushing turnout to other fundraising events throughout the week, so bring a comrade or two to hit the phones with!

DSA is fighting for a ceasefire in Gaza and organizing Democratic primary voters to Vote Uncommitted, helping organize to rebuild the labor movement, fighting for Trans Rights and Bodily Autonomy, and asserting that Workers Deserve More in our 2024 Election Platform.

If we’re going to live in a world where a free Palestine, trans liberation, a Green New Deal, and a socialist labor movement are not just slogans, but reality, we’re going to need the tools, personnel, and infrastructure to match our vision. If we want to show the working class that there’s another choice besides Democrats or Republicans, we need a DSA powered by member dues. 

With your solidarity dues, together we can win the power we need to build the just world we deserve. So this election year, #ChooseSolidarity. Choose solidarity dues. Choose DSA.

Let’s keep organizing!

Ashik Siddique and Megan Romer
DSA National Co-Chairs

DSA 2024 Election Discussion Circles — RSVP Today!

What position do you think DSA should take on the 2024 presidential election?

Now is your chance to weigh in on that question before the National Political Committee (NPC) makes a decision in April. Members around the country are debating the presidential race in Discussion Circles: small group conversations hosted by individual NPC members, capped at 30 participants each.

⭐️ Sign up now for a Discussion Circle with an NPC member! ⭐️

Solidarity Dues Phonebank and Mass Call Sunday 3/24 — Plus Trainings Starting Sunday 4/7

Solidarity and monthly dues are critical for DSA’s power — 86% of all our money is member dues. We now have 2,109 members who have switched to Solidarity Income-Based Dues. Will you join us? Make the switch today!

It takes all of us to build a powerful, democratic org! Last week’s Solidarity Dues phonebanks had a record-breaking 59 callers on each night, and we called thousands of DSA members. Will you help us go even higher? Sign up now for one of our upcoming phonebanks!

We need all hands and chapters on deck! Want to help your chapter do a Solidarity Dues Drive locally? Sign up for one of our upcoming trainings and find more resources here.

Sunday 3/31 — Join DSA’s Trans Day of Action!

Trans rights and bodily autonomy are the front lines of the fight against the far right and for working class liberation. On Sunday 3/31, nationally recognized as Trans Day of Visibility, DSA is staging a mass Trans Day of Action. Chapters across the country are staging rallies, organizing clothing drives, introducing trans sanctuary legislation, passing pro-trans resolutions in our unions, hosting panel discussions, and more. Even a group chapter photo with DSA and trans flag merch counts! Big or small, any act of solidarity helps make DSA the largest network for trans liberation in America. To help your chapter join in, see DSA Trans Rights and Bodily Autonomy’s Trans Day of Action toolkit.

RSVP for National Labor Commission Discussion Wednesday 4/10

Join us during the first hour of our National Labor Commission Quarterly Membership Meeting, where we will be holding a discussion on how socialists in the labor movement should approach the 2024 election. The call will be on Wednesday 4/10 at 9pm ET/8pm CT/7pm MT/6pm PT. You can RSVP here.

National Political Education Committee Educators Conference Sunday 3/24

At our first conference of the year, the National Political Education Committee will bring together political educators from around the country to share and learn from comrades about local and national organizing efforts. Join us Sunday 3/24 at 1pm ET/12pm CT/11am MT/10am PT! We will examine political education’s role in building working class power and how to further develop our local and national programming. We’ll also share resources and connect with other political educators. Every chapter and national working group is invited to send up to two representatives. Anyone else is welcome to attend as a viewer.

Join Our Housing Justice Commission Meeting Sunday 3/24

Sick of landlords holding your housing hostage? Ready to organize your neighbors to change the balance of power and win dignified living conditions? Come to the Housing Justice Commission (HJC) general meeting Sunday 3/24 at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT! You’ll hear from tenant unions about their experience going through the Emergency Tenant Organizing Committee, plus learn about a project from the HJC to train new tenant union organizers, and how you can get involved. You can also get updates about what we’re up to and what we’re planning for the coming year. See you there!

RSVP for Palestine Strategy 101 Tuesday 3/26: Palestine Legal

On Tuesday 3/26 at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT, join the National Political Education Committee and Dylan Saba, Staff Attorney at Palestine Legal, for a training on strategy toward a free Palestine! We’ll focus on the U.S. legal context around pro-Palestine action and legal defense of advocates.

We will discuss both big-picture strategy issues and nitty-gritty best practices. There will be time for Q&A with Dylan, so come with questions!

Apply for the National Political Education Committee! Deadline Tuesday 4/2

The National Political Committee is looking for nominees to serve on the National Political Education Committee (NPEC) from May 2024 through April 2025! As the DSA committee charged with providing a socialist political education to its members and the public, NPEC welcomes members with substantial roots in diverse areas of DSA. All DSA members interested in joining NPEC must apply via the form linked on our website by Tuesday 4/2.

New DSA Merch Out Now — Hats, Baby Onesies, and More!

Check out the latest union-made items in the DSA store! From Red Diaper Baby onesies, to YDSA hats, to our new limited-edition personalized membership cards, you’ll find plenty of items to show your socialist pride and start organizing conversations with your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Check Out New Pieces on Democratic Left!

The Democratic Left is back with a full week of online content featuring a student worker union, Stop Cop City, a journey to chapter-hood, and so much more. Click here to read on our site and send pitches to [email protected]. We’re excited to be publishing again and can’t wait to see everyone’s submissions.

Welcome New Chapters and Organizing Committees

A warm welcome to our latest Organizing Committees (OCs) and chapter!

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