Committed to Ending the Genocide — Your March Dispatch

Here’s your March Dispatch. This month, help stop genocide in Palestine, grow our movement by reaching out to other members, get involved in DSA publications, and more!

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From Our Co-Chairs — Committed to Ending the Genocide

DSA members across the country are helping to lead the way on the wave of “Uncommitted” votes that have Joe Biden and the Democratic Party shaking in their boots. We’re sending a message: stop the genocide against Gaza now or whatever happens in November is your fault, Joe.

As a result of a campaign that spun up over the course of a mere three weeks, Michigan voters cast 100k “Uncommitted” votes. Last night, Super Tuesday elections saw a quarter of a million voters, including 20% of Minnesota Democrats, voting “Uncommitted,” and we’ve still got Washington, Wisconsin, and more on the way as momentum continues to grow. 

Tonight, we’ll be joined on our monthly Fireside Chat by DSA members from Detroit about what the ground game for the Listen to Michigan campaign looked like from the inside and what comes next, as well as DSA members from Seattle about how they’re building their Uncommitted campaign on top of the infrastructure of their recent massive Raise the Wage Renton win. Join us!

We also need you to get involved! This is an all-hands-on-deck moment, and a momentous one. Please jump in if you can!

Honored as always to be in this struggle with you,

DSA Co-Chairs Ashik Siddique and Megan Romer

Tonight Wednesday 3/6 — National Political Committee Co-Chairs Fireside Chat

RSVP for our March Fireside Chat with the 2023-2025 National Political Committee Co-chairs Ashik and Megan! The call will be tonight Wednesday 3/6 at 9pm ET/8pm CT/7pm MT/6pm PT. Join us to hear about DSA electoral work, including a Super Tuesday wrapup and Seattle DSA’s campaign to raise wages.

Get Your 2024 Limited-Edition Membership Card!

It’s time to set our intentions for 2024. As a movement, we have to move forward—grow bigger, build power, and show our strength. That’s why DSA is rewarding $25 donations with a brand new 2024 limited edition membership card.

Now, if you donate to build our movement, you’ll receive a card to show your DSA (or YDSA) pride. Take stock of our organizing victories and join us in looking forward. Get yours by donating here and count yourself as a #CardCarryingSocialist!

Solidarity Dues Phonebanks — Build Our Movement and Win Chapter Swag!

As a working class movement, we need to build our movement ourselves. That means organizing our own resources — including money. You can help ensure we have the collective, democratic power to build our movement, increase our sustainability, and win real change! Sign up today for our Solidarity Dues Drive National phonebanks to reach out to other members and ask them to make the switch. Training is provided.

And refer a friend to the Solidarity Income-Based Dues Call-a-thon for a chance to win a chapter swag bag! Ask your friend to sign up for a specific date for the calls here and enter your name as the person who recruited them for your chance to win!

Call for Submissions for Socialist Forum May Day Issue — Deadline Monday 3/11

Socialist Forum, DSA’s quarterly publication featuring articles geared toward strategic and theoretical questions, is currently accepting pitch submissions for our upcoming Spring 2024 issue. We aim to release the issue on May 1, International Workers’ Day, with a special section on labor and international solidarity. All DSA members are invited to submit a short pitch on these or any other topics of potential interest using this form.

Pitches must be submitted by 11:59pm Pacific time on Monday 3/11 in order to be considered. If your pitch is accepted, the full article should be roughly 2000-3000 words in length. Please note that submissions are not officially accepted until after editors review the first draft of a full article. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

RSVP for National Political Education Committee Educators Conference Sunday 3/24

At our first conference of the year, the National Political Education Committee will bring together political educators from around the country to share and learn from comrades about local and national organizing efforts. Chapters and national working groups are invited to send up to two representatives each. Anyone else is welcome to attend as a viewer.

In this conference, we’ll examine political education’s role in building working class power; share NPEC resources and an application for NPEC’s 2024-2025 term; connect you with a national network of political educators from different chapters in and out of your region; and open the discussion to hear from you about your chapter’s needs as we prepare for NPEC’s next term.

NPEC conferences are terrific opportunities to further your chapter’s political education efforts through new pedagogical approaches and inter-regional collaboration. RSVP today to reserve your spot!

Volunteer for Our National DSA Publications!

Want to get involved in a sustained way with DSA’s national publications? The new Editorial Board is looking for volunteers for Socialist Forum or Democratic Left! We welcome any member who wishes to contribute regularly as a writer, editor, designer, photographer, illustrator, and more to either Democratic Left or Socialist Forum. Please fill out this form, and we’ll reach out with next steps.


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