Impossible Choices? Choose Solidarity! Your April Dispatch

Here’s your April Dispatch! This month, check out chapters’ Trans Day of Action photos, sign up for volunteer opportunities, learn about local Green New Deal work, and more. Read on to get involved. 

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From Our Co-Chairs — Facing Impossible Choices, We Choose Solidarity

The 24-hour news and doomscrolling cycles are designed by capitalist tech companies to be difficult to look away from — and it doesn’t get any easier when the information coming through the screens is overwhelmingly awful. It’s meant to make us feel helpless. But we’re not. As socialists, we know that when we organize people, recognize and build our power as the working class, and fight back, we win. Using our power builds more power; solidarity begets solidarity; bigger fights mean bigger wins.

This week, we saw DSA chapters helping to lead the charges in Wisconsin, Connecticut, New York, and beyond, working to organize voters to send a message to Biden that we will not let him go unscathed as he continues to finger-wag at an ongoing genocide. Whether it’s “Uncommitted,” “Uninstructed,” or “Leave it Blank,” voters are turning out in the hundreds of thousands to give the Dems a taste of exactly what they’re dog-walking us into if they don’t listen to the supermajority of constituents who want a ceasefire now.

Organizing beyond the ballot box is key to building a mass movement, and last weekend, DSA chapters across the country participated in a Trans Day of Action, supported by our Trans Rights and Bodily Autonomy Campaign Commission and our Queer Socialists Working Group. Conditions for trans people vary widely across the country, so the Trans Day of Action became a beautiful patchwork of local campaigns and projects as our locals analyzed and responded to their most pressing local issues.

In Pennsylvania, the Lancaster DSA Organizing Committee launched a sanctuary campaign. Boston DSA canvassed for a genderqueer socialist State House candidate. Denver DSA capped off a week of action and held a rally at the State House in support of improved name change laws, sponsored by socialists in office Elisabeth Epps and Tim Hernández. Dozens more chapters planned solidarity picnics, clothing swaps, rallies, banner drops, and so much more, and we’re just getting started.

At the national level, DSA continues to prioritize encouraging members to make the switch to Solidarity Income-Based Dues (SIBD) so we can continue to level up our collective resources and pay for the often-unrecognized support that these campaigns require: from staff support, to organizer trainings, to tech tools, and beyond. 

Check out our Choose Solidarity! Campaign kickoff call, featuring incredible organizing work our members are leading across DSA. If you haven’t made the switch yet, please consider signing up for solidarity dues today. And if you’re in chapter leadership, please keep an eye out for contacts from the SIBD team about ways your chapter can plug into this work locally!

— DSA Co-Chairs Ashik Siddique and Megan Romer

Tuesday 4/9 — Join our Green New Deal Campaign Commission’s Solidarity Dues Call-a-thon

Let’s socialize for Solidarity Dues! Join the Green New Deal Campaign Commission Tuesday 4/9 at 7pm ET/6pm CT/5pm MT/4pm PT for our third Green New Dues solidarity income-based dues phonebank.

Apply for DSA’s National Electoral Commission! First Round Due by Friday 4/19

The National Electoral Commission of DSA is accepting membership applications to welcome its first cohort of rank-and-file members! 

The National Electoral Commission convenes members working on electoral campaigns to support class struggle election campaigns, develop skills and mentor organizers, coordinate a national strategy, and build our electoral power. 

We are looking for members who are excited to get to work with us supporting endorsed campaigns, developing trainings and skill-sharing opportunities, and building our network to build our power. Members should also have experience consistently contributing to campaigns or chapter electoral projects in the last 3 years. 

Interested in joining? Tell us a little bit about your experience and why you want to apply! Questions? Reach us at [email protected].

Choose Solidarity Bonanza — All Day Call-A-Thon Sunday 4/21!

Over 2,000 DSA members have committed to giving their 1% for the 99% so far, and we know this is just the beginning. We want to double that number and reach 4,000 Solidarity Dues-paying members by May 31st. But we need to hit the phones to hit our goal! 

Join us Sunday 4/21 for the Choose Solidarity Bonanza! You’ll hear from DSA electeds in office, get chapter organizing updates, and experience that warm feeling we get from talking to DSA members around the country and building the democratic socialist movement. Every hour a member spends on a Solidarity Dues phonebank raises approximately $1k for the DSA over the year — just imagine what we can do with 100 callers hitting the phones for a whole day!

We’ll start at 12pm ET/11am CT/10am MT/9am PT and go until 6pm ET/5pm CT/4pm MT/3pm PT. Hop on for a shift or stick around for the whole day, but whatever you do, don’t miss the Choose Solidarity Bonanza — our first ever ALL DAY Solidarity Dues Call-A-Thon!

Can’t make it on 4/21 but ready to make some calls? Check out upcoming Solidarity Dues phonebanks here and get signed up for a time that works for you!

Green New Deal Feature Article, with Kentucky’s Louisville DSA

Check out our interview with the leaders of Louisville DSA’s Get On The Bus campaign! Get On The Bus is one of the many exciting Green New Deal Building for Power campaigns that chapters are developing and leading across the country.

April Committee of Grievance Officers Call Saturday 4/6

The Committee of Grievance Officers is hosting our April HGO Gathering. If you’re a grievance officer for your chapter, join us! We’re shaking up our usual format to debut big changes to the grievance program at the national level to strengthen our organization for the long haul. We’ll discuss the recent overhaul of the national grievance program, share ways that you can help build out our national grievance work, and build relationships between grievance officers in chapters all across the country. Join us Saturday 4/6 at 5pm ET/4pm CT/3pm MT/2pm PT!

RSVP for our International Committee’s State of the Mexican Elections Call Wednesday 4/10

Join the International Committee Wednesday 4/10 at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT to discuss the upcoming general election in Mexico. In this webinar, you’ll hear from journalists Alina Duarte and Kurt Hackbarth about the historic nature of this election and why it’s important for us in the United States to follow it.

If you’re a DSA member interested in engaging with Mexican solidarity organizing both during and beyond the election, fill out our working group interest form to get involved!

RSVP for DSA 2024 Election Discussion Circles

What position do you think DSA should take on the 2024 presidential election?

Now is your chance to weigh in before the National Political Committee (NPC) makes a decision in April. Join members around the country in debating the presidential race in Discussion Circles: small group conversations hosted by individual NPC members, capped at 30 participants each. Sign up today!