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From the National Political Committee — Deliberate and Afraid of Nothing

A few days ago, we received Jane McAlevey’s heartbreaking announcement that she has ceased treatments for an aggressive form of cancer and is entering hospice care in her home. The loss of McAlevey’s writing, teaching skills, and contagious hard-nosed willpower will be widely and acutely felt across the labor movement and the broader left, where her critical organizing and analysis played an outsize role in our recent growth after many decades of retreat. Our thoughts are with her and her loved ones as they navigate this transition.

If you are newer to DSA, you may not realize how transformative Jane’s guidance has been to our organization in particular, especially in the post-Bernie-Bump era. In 2019, Jane hosted a training series specifically for DSA organizers based on her groundbreaking book No Shortcuts. You can watch videos of her three sessions here — and we encourage you to do so, especially alongside comrades from your chapter.

Our methodology as DSA organizers largely comes directly from Jane’s synthesis of best labor organizing practices, painstakingly researched back to the earliest days of the US labor movement: how we approach listwork, organizing conversations, and structure tests; our entire framework of campaign-focused organizing with clear win or lose conditions that help us figure out what actually works; the importance of relational organizing and power-mapping, and on and on and on. 

Jane’s model of whole-worker organizing encouraged us to organize as hard as possible as workers in our workplaces, and to see this as tied intimately to organizing to change conditions in our community as a whole — that in fact, organizing for any lasting change on any particular issues we care about requires that workers figure out how to organize their power with an expansive sense of their own self-interest in solidarity with many others. Many of us who participated in her trainings remember pieces of sharp advice she offered, like: “Stop talking and get into a win or lose campaign, and let people rise or fall with their actions.”

Losing her mind and spirit and whip-smart analysis is devastating, but so much of her work will live on for as long as it takes to win the whole world. Jane concluded her announcement with a quote from the brilliant Audre Lorde: I am deliberate and afraid of nothing. May we all find such grace and courage for the fights ahead.

In Solidarity and Sadness,

Ashik Siddique and Megan Romer
DSA National Co-Chairs

Sunday 4/21 — Come Phonebank with Socialists in Office for the Choose Solidarity Bonanza!

Join New York State Assembly Members Zohran Mamdani, Marcela Mitaynes, Phara Souffrant Forrest, Sarahan Shrestha, and NY State Senator Jabari Brisport this Sunday 4/21 for our ALL DAY Choose Solidarity Bonanza! Hear campaign updates and hit the phones to ask comrades to switch to Solidarity Dues so we can build the powerful working class organization we need to win! 

Every hour a member spends on a Solidarity Dues phonebank raises approximately $1000 for DSA over the year. We’ll start calling at 12pm ET/11am CT/10am MT/9am PT and go until 6pm ET/5pm CT/4pm MT/3pm PT. Hop on for a shift or stick around for the whole day!

Can’t make it on 4/21, but ready to make some calls? Check out upcoming Solidarity Dues phonebanks here and get signed up for a time that works for you!

Disability Working Group Relaunch and Disability Justice 101 Presentation Series

The Disability Working Group (DWG) is reorganizing after a period of inactivity. We invite DSA chapters and committees to reach out and engage with us in the work of making DSA a more welcoming and inclusive space for your disabled comrades! 

Relatedly, the DWG is relaunching our Disability Justice 101 presentation series, which aims to educate our fellow comrades on the tenets of Disability Justice and the indispensable role which disabled people have to play in our socialist movement. Chapters interested in the Disability Justice 101 presentation, or in working more generally with DWG, please contact [email protected].

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