septiembre 26, 2023

Notes from Kyiv: Which side are we on?

Kyiv: A temporary memorial to those who have given their lives to defend Ukraine. Photo by Eric Lee

As I walked around Kyiv on a beautiful, sunny morning in early September, I noticed the scaffolding in the city’s squares.  Statues had been covered up to protect them from bomb damage.  Later, I saw a statue with no protection around it– a graffiti-covered memorial to a Red Army general whose name nobody remembered. I was…

septiembre 18, 2023

Cops, Robbers, and Roses: “What Happens in Vegas Matters Everywhere”

A march to protest the police killing of Isaiah Williams: A crowd of moestly-masked people holding a large banner between them: "Justice for Zay." (Photo: Nathaniel Phillips)

Las Vegas has long had an image as a place where anything goes, but as the site of the nation’s deadliest mass shooting on October 1, 2017, it became a flashpoint for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation’s rapid budget growth. Development of a “reality-based” training center was already in the works before that…

septiembre 14, 2023

Are We Entering a Recession or Not? The Unemployment Report for August 2023

Civilian unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted. (Via Bureau of Labor Statistics,

Real full employment means many more jobs, and many more good jobs. The National Jobs for All Network’s Full Count shows that the real unemployment rate in August was 8.7%, not 3.8%. There are 15 million people who are unemployed or underemployed at part-time jobs because they cannot get full-time work. Whether or not the official unemployment rate goes up or down a little may suggest job market trends, but it does not tell us how far away we are from real full employment.

agosto 28, 2023

«Into the Bright Sunshine»- Why Hubert Humphrey Speaks to Our Times

Cover of Sam Freedman's INTO THE BRIGHT SUNSHINE, with an image of young Humphrey behind a podium, on a yellow background, Header image: a picket line urging Truman to desegregate the military.

Into the Bright Sunshine, by Samuel Freedman (Oxford University Press) is subtitled » Young Hubert Humphrey and the Struggle for Civil Rights.» You might think the book was something for a history class, a chronicle of events long ago; even for that, you might turn away, if like many DL readers you mostly think of…

agosto 25, 2023

Strike Ready DSA: An Instrument of Solidarity

Local 705 rally in Chicago attended by Chicago DSA and organized by Chicago DSA Teamsters. (Photo: George Cadkin)

Strike Ready DSA: An Instrument of Solidarity By Sean Orr On August 22, Teamsters ratified their tentative agreement with UPS overwhelmingly– 86.3% yes with over 58% turnout. As their contract struggle recedes (but does not disappear), it is an ideal time to reflect on DSA’s solidarity campaign with these workers and what it has meant…

agosto 19, 2023

 Is There a Worker-Shortage? A Closer Look at the July Jobs Report

Chart from BLS dot gov, showing a SLIGHT uptick in jobs in July 2023

Does the United States have a general labor shortage? Clearly there are problems in specific locations and occupations. There are shortages at 911 call-centers across the country. The U.S. Postal Service is short of staff. In Los Angeles County where I live, the government legal infrastructure is a mess; there is a shortage of public…

julio 19, 2023

Vermont Workers’ Circles: A Space For Worker Power

Vermont Workers' Circle, courtesy of Brandon Lawson.

A wave of rank-and-file reforms is sweeping through the United States; from the United Auto Workers (UAW) to the Teamsters (IBT) to National Nurses United (NNU), the rank-and-file are taking back their unions. But, with union density at only 10.3% nationally, many workers have had no union experience. Union bureaucracy and the internal politics can…