octubre 5, 2022

This Mussolini Reboot is Terrible: Italian Fascism Redux

By Vox España - CPAC 2022 con Hermann Tertsch y Victor Gonzalez., CC0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=123401621

If you want to make Italy great again, you won’t do it through repackaged Mussolini MIGA spazzatura. You do it through a culturally rich future that seeks to build upon the hospitable warmth that Italy has become famous for, rather than an uptight colonizer who doesn’t sufficiently remember the past–let alone Piazzale Loreto. 

octubre 2, 2022

Nationalizing the Pastime: Why Socialists Want Billionaires Out of Baseball

  Baseball has a reputation as a sport with a conservative fan base; nearly half of ‘avid fans’ are white men over the age of 45, according to Major League Baseball (MLB) statistics. The billionaires that run the Supreme Court-sanctioned monopoly trust on professional baseball range from Little Caesar’s Pizza mogul Christopher Ilitch (owner of…

septiembre 30, 2022

Right to Counsel: Step to Liberation

As we all work toward a socialist future, we debate how to get there, and we work for what are known as non-reformist reforms. These are reforms that don’t just patch things up but lead the way toward real change. Recently, some of our comrades have disparaged Right to Counsel, a tenants’ rights campaign that…

septiembre 29, 2022

Strait-jacketed Thinking on Taiwan

News alert for House Speaker Pelosi's Taiwan visit. (Fox12 Oregon Facebook)

Both countries are attempting to shore up their positions in the region, and Taiwan is hardly the only place caught in the crossfire, as the latest Chinese missile tests would augur. A more robust internationalism among the U.S. Left, therefore, has to account not only for older narratives and history, but also for contemporary realities and popular will. In a growingly multipolar world, it will be imperative to listen to the voices of those on the frontlines of Great Power competition.

septiembre 27, 2022

YDSA Stands Up to Fight Back

When members of the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) met in Minneapolis, they were more than ready to debate ideas and plan strategy.

septiembre 27, 2022

Socialism 2022: Preparing to make the impossible possible

DSA members at Socialism 2022

My “day job” requires a lot of conferences, continuing education, and meetings. So believe me when I say that Socialism 2022 in Chicago this year was amazing. Another attendee and I agreed afterward that none of the presentations we attended were bad. I attended informative and lively discussions on just about every topic of the…

septiembre 26, 2022

On the Floor with Starbucks Workers: A «Partner» Speaks Out

Leaked Starbucks flyer explaining the dress code.

What’s it like to work at Starbucks? Alyssa Alfaro, a DSA member and Starbucks worker  (SW) interviews an anonymous colleague who works in a non-unionized Starbucks store.  AA: How long have you been a barista? SW: I’ve been a partner for about two years now. For the readers, What do you mean when you say…

septiembre 20, 2022

Starbucks, Socialists, & Solidarity

From Buffalo and Boston to San Francisco and San Antonio, Starbucks workers are organizing and DSA members are supporting them.