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abril 20, 2021

The Derek Chauvin Verdict is Not Justice

The verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial is not justice. Justice looks like a world where George Floyd grows old, where Black people can live with dignity, where police no longer terrorize our streets. As they did today, cops will sacrifice their own in order to quell outrage and maintain trust. But justice will not…

abril 12, 2021

For Daunte Wright/Para Daunte Wright

Not even a whole year after the public execution of George Floyd, the Brooklyn Center Police Department has murdered a Black man: Daunte Wright. The murder of Daunte occurring during the trial of the police officer who murdered George Floyd showcases how deeply entrenched this cycle of violence is not only in the Twin Cities…

marzo 31, 2021

Justice for Trans People Requires Power

DSA unequivocally condemns the legislative attacks on transgender youth and on transgender athletes of all ages in Arkansas and in 26 other states.  Legislatures in many of these states are trying to make the provision of lifesaving healthcare for young trans people illegal, forcing young people to disclose their identities to potentially-hostile parents to receive…

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mayo 6, 2021

Shaming Chevron to Help Myanmar

No one supports general sanctions that would injure the people of Burma, but a campaign to deprive the military machine of the revenues it needs to continue the war against its own people could have an impact.