Updates from the National Political Committee

julio 19, 2022

Statement of Solidarity with Organizers of Akron

The Democratic Socialists of America stands in solidarity with the Organizers of Akron, including Akron DSA, and endorses their 12 Points of Action in response to the tragic murder of 25-year-old Jayland Walker at the hands of Akron’s police force on June 27. Jayland was murdered during a traffic stop when eight killer cops fired…

junio 24, 2022

Fight for Democracy, Fight to Protect Abortion

The DSA National Political Committee condemns today’s Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which eviscerates the right to privacy and bodily autonomy protected by Roe v. Wade for nearly fifty years, a right the vast majority of Americans support and agree should be protected by the Constitution. The far right wing…

junio 1, 2022

New NPC Member Announcement

We’re excited to welcome three new members to the National Political Committee: Tefa Galvis, Marvin Gonzalez, and Kevin Richardson. Tefa, a member of NYC-DSA, is a leader of NYC’s DSA Latinos Socialistas and Ecosocialist Working Group. Marvin, also of NYC-DSA, serves on the International Committee Secretariat and is President of the Campaign Workers Guild. Kevin,…

Democratic Left

Democratic Left - The Official DSA Member Magazine

septiembre 27, 2022

YDSA Stands Up to Fight Back

When members of the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) met in Minneapolis, they were more than ready to debate ideas and plan strategy.

septiembre 27, 2022

Socialism 2022

My “day job” requires a lot of conferences, continuing education, and meetings. So believe me when I say that Socialism 2022 in Chicago this year was amazing. Another attendee and I agreed afterward that none of the presentations we attended were bad. I attended informative and lively discussions on just about every topic of the…