Democratic Socialism 2.0: Social Media Organizing - Member Training Webinar

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Do you want to learn how to effectively use online organizing to supplement face to face organizing? Learn best practices for utilizing DSA’s website and social media to engage with new people.

Learn how to manage a project through good planning. Get tips and tricks for effective time management. Learn how to and what to prioritize when triaging.

Join us for our latest organizing training for democratic socialist activists: DSA’s (Virtual) Little Red Schoolhouse.


  • Stuart Elliott, DSA National Political Committee member, co-editor of DSA's Talking Union blog and former social media organizer in the labor movement.
  • Betsy Avila and Keith Spencer from the DSA Social Media Team

We are living through difficult economic times, and more and more people are open to socialist ideas. However, because of corporate ownership of the mainstream media, the only way people will find out about democratic socialism is if DSA members are visible in the progressive movement. Furthermore, we bring an important structural analysis of our undemocratic political and economic systems to progressive activists, and by explaining what democratic socialism really means, we help keep the political debate honest and prevent it from sliding too very far to the right.

In Democratic Socialism 2.0: Social Media Organizing you will:

Learn how to spread democratic socialist ideas on social media.

Training Details:

  1. Workshops are free for any DSA member in good standing.
  2. Workshops will be via free webinar, so you need a computer with internet access.
  3. Your computer must have microphone and speakers, or you can follow along on the phone via conference call, but you will have to pay for any long distance charges.
  4. You can participate in every one, since each workshop builds on the previous ones, or just attend once in a while.
  5. Workshops will generally be the fourth Saturday of each month from 3:00-4:30pm Eastern Standard Time.
  6. Participation requires that you register no later than Wednesday, October 22.

NOTE: This training is scheduled for 2:45pm Eastern Time (1:45pm Central, 12:45pm Mountain, 11:45 Pacific).

October 27, 2013 at 2:45pm - 4:15pm
Webinar, RSVP required for sign in information

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