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DSA Joins Defend DACA National Campaigns


By Immigrants’ Rights Committee- DSA

On September 5, 2017 President Trump repealed Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA has provided legal protection for 800,000 immigrants who were brought to the United States as children by their families, but its repeal threatens to divide families, pull children out of schools, and force workers to quit their jobs.

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Should Limiting North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions Be the Responsibility of the U.S. Government?


By Lawrence Wittner

In recent months, advances in the North Korean government’s nuclear weapons program have led to a sharp confrontation between the government leaders of the United States and of North Korea.  This August, President Donald Trump declared that any more threats from North Korea “will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”  In turn, Kim Jong Un remarked that he was now contemplating firing nuclear missiles at the U.S. territory of Guam.  Heightening the dispute, Trump told the United Nations in mid-September that, if the United States was forced to defend itself or its allies, “we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”  Soon thereafter, Trump embellished this with a tweet declaring that North Korea “won’t be around much longer.”

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Drain the Swamp: Defeat the Trump/Republican Tax Cuts

Statement of the National Political Committee of Democratic Socialists of America

November 25, 2017

President Trump came to office allegedly aiming to “drain the swamp” of privileged “special interests.” But the tax proposals put forth by Trump and the GOP are a gift to these same interests, an all-out assault on equality, and class warfare waged by capital. We urge all DSA locals to join the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and Jobs with Justice rallies against the tax cuts at local Senate offices on Wednesday November 29th! Check with your local CWA or Jobs with Justice office. At a minimum call your Republican Senators and urge them to vote no. Click here to see how.

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Representing DSA at the European Parliament

Representing DSA at the European Parliament

By David Duhalde 

On November 8, I woke up to historic DSA campaign victories across the country – some made possible by DSA’s new national electoral strategy. I then spoke on two European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) panels at the European Parliament – building real global party ties for a post-Socialist International DSA. Then, to top it off, I appeared on a Sinn Fein program and shared a special moment with a former political prisoner about the Irish and Chilean struggles against authoritarianism. This was probably the greatest day of my political life!

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The Barbarism is Here

By the DSA Queer Socialist Working Group

Nearly every one of the last nine years has been the deadliest year on record for Transgender people in the U.S. 2017 is no different. The Human Rights Campaign lists 25 murdered Transgender Americans so far this year. 

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MIgration, Labor and U.S. Policy

By David Bacon
Dollars and Sense - September/October 2017

 The Drivers of Migration/Users/campd/Desktop/c2ac9889-6461-4783-8b77-0e18a2dacf99.jpg


Pablo Alvarado, organizer for the Day Labor Union (and now director of the National Day Labor Organizing Network), talks to a group of day laborers getting work on the corner at Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.

The increase in migration to the United States coincided, by no accident, with the period in which neoliberal economic reforms were implemented in those countries that are the main sources of migration to the United States.

In 1994, the year that NAFTA went into effect, there were about 4.5 million people born in Mexico living in the United States. In 2008, that number peaked at about 12.6 million. Of those people, about 5.7 million were able to get some kind of visa. But another 7 million people couldn’t, and they came anyway. Fully 9% of the population of Mexico lives here on the north side of the border. People are coming now from the most remote areas of Mexico, where people are still speaking languages that were old when Columbus arrived—Mixteco, Zapoteco, Triqui, Purépecha, and others. The largest Salvadoran city in the world is what? San Salvador? No, it’s Los Angeles. And remittances going back to El Salvador are 16.6% of Salvadoran GDP.

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Trump-GOP Tax Proposal

Trump’s Tax Proposal: Class Warfare and Geopolitics

Bill Barclay

The Trump/GOP “Unified Framework” tax plan has something for everyone – if by everyone you mean the wealthy, corporate and non-corporate businesses and the alt-right.  The plan embodies both the neoliberal class warfare that believes poor people have too much money and rich people have too little money and connects with the social conservative politics that the Trump and the GOP draws upon to mobilize its supporters.

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Report From the Women’s Convention

By Catherine Hoffman

Women's March, January 21, 2017

As a socialist feminist, I often feel like we are at a point of both great danger and great opportunity. Each and every day we face new threats from the Trump administration. At the same time, more and more people are getting politically active and are finding their political voices. We’ve seen that happen with DSA as our numbers have ballooned since election day. People are looking to get politically active, and we have a great opportunity to mobilize large numbers of people in favor of real, transformative changes. There is also a renewed interest in gender justice and in discussing the role of women in our political movements. In light of the accusations around Harvey Weinstein and other high-profile men, conversations about sexual harassment are taking place like never before. It was in this context that the first Women’s Convention took place in Detroit over the last weekend in October

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