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OP-ED: How Philly DSA’s LILAC Fights for Democratic Socialism in America’s Poorest Big City

By Brittany Griebling, Dave Backer, and Greg Laynor

Philly DSA, Local Initiative/Local Action Committee (LILAC)

Philly DSA at the Poor People's Campaign Healthcare Day in Harrisburg, PA

Philly DSA at the Poor People's Campaign Healthcare Day in Harrisburg, PA

Philadelphia is the poorest big city in America. Like so many places, Philly is a tale of two cities, written in blood. In Philadelphia life expectancy can vary from zip code to zip code by as much as twenty years. In Old City, 76% white, median income $100,653, life expectancy is 88. In North Philly, 97% non-white, median income $22,487, life expectancy is 68.  

The city is not working for everyone, and it’s the difference between life and death for so many people. At the December 2017 general meeting of Philly DSA, the membership passed a resolution creating a Local Initiative/Local Action Committee (LILAC). We at LILAC believe that socialism can actually solve the problems we face as a city, and that’s why we fight.

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OP-ED: Why Machiavelli Would Hate Donald Trump

By Antonia Alksnis

Donald Trump claims that The Prince, Machiavelli’s infamously pragmatic handbook for tyrants, is one of his favorite books. The thing is, the historical Niccolò Machiavelli was quite a bit more complex than the exaggerated portrayal of his views in the popular conceptionand he would have hated Donald Trump.

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OP-ED: Pittsburgh DSA’s Field Operation Secures Two Major Electoral Victories

Voter turnout ballooned to 30 percent, demonstrating what we’ve always known—Turnout and participation are the results of active campaigning.

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OP-ED: The U.S. Turn to Assad

by John Reimann, East Bay DSA

Editor’s note: this piece serves as a response to R.L. Stephens’ piece in DSA Weekly regarding his thoughts on U.S. intervention in Syria following a chemical gas attack attributed to Syrian authoritarian regime leader, Bashar al-Assad.

The Arab Spring arose as a revolt against dictators like Bashar al-Assad throughout the Middle East and North Africa. It had nothing to do with a United States-inspired attempt at regime change.

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Interview: Organizing in an Age of Deportability and Fear, An Interview with IDEPSCA Day Laborer Organizer Daniel Chavez

By Magally Miranda Alcázar, DSA Los Angeles

Anyone who works with immigrant populations today will note that one thing has not been missing since Trump's inauguration last November: fear. Trump’s xenophobic campaign rhetoric and his promises to amp up deportations, unfortunately, have not been an empty threat, with estimates showing upwards of 30% increases in deportations to that of Obama (who already held the record for most deportations under any president).

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OP-ED: "Avengers: Infinity War" And The Politics of Growth

By Chris Geary

Watching the new Marvel movie, Avengers: Infinity War, I couldn’t help feeling that the villain, Thanos, was really on to something. With 149 minutes of plodding plot, inane crossovers, and a crowd of protagonists all feebly jostling to be the funny one, the movie is so bloated that when half of the characters are finally vaporised, it honestly comes as a relief. Thanos is right: the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is overpopulated, and it has long been in need of a cull.

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Call For Submissions: International Secessionist Movements

The DSA Weekly International Affairs section editors are requesting pieces from DSA members regarding their thoughts on whether and how the American left can or should engage with international secessionist movements using case examples from all over the world.

DO you have strong thoughts on Western Saharan independence? What about regional Kurdish movements? Catalonian secession from Spain? This is your opportunity to weigh in on a critical issue for left foreign policy!

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DSA Philly: Changing the World, 7000 Conversations At A Time

This week, volcanic news from Philadelphia DSA —whose organizers are talking not about the national Democratic Party, but about how the electoral work could help further the policy priorities they’d been working on all year. (Below, a table of supplies for the canvassers who helped deliver those victories. Photo: Jeremy Wheatley, Philly DSA Canvassing Committee


Photo: Jeremy Wheatley

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