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DSAers Support AT&T Mobility

By Meghan Brophy


On Friday May 19, more than 40,000 AT&T Mobility workers in 36 states kicked off a three-day strike, and on each day of that strike, more than 200 DSAers were at 60 picket lines throughout the country.

This was not only one of the largest strikes of retail workers in U.S. history but the first strike at AT&T Mobility and the first large-scale strike in the wireless industry. Whether they work in retail, call centers, or as technicians, AT&T Mobility workers are represented by the Communication Workers of America (CWA).

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The Pullman National Monument and Public Memory

By Susan Hirsch

Pullman strikers outside Arcade Building

In 2015, President Barack Obama designated Chicago’s Pullman neighborhood, a former model manufacturing town, as the Pullman National Monument. Labor leaders, historians, community members and socialists had long advocated this step. The model town was the site of one of the most pivotal strikes in American history, the experience that made Eugene Debs (Nov. 5, 1855-Oct. 20, 1926) a socialist. As the monument’s exhibits and programming are developed, however, will visitors find this history featured prominently?

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Dolores – A Film Review


by Duane Campbell

There is an important new film out – Dolores, the story of former DSA Honorary Chair Dolores Huerta and her fight for justice. (All DSA honorary chairs were eliminated by the 2017 DSA convention.) She is the woman holding the Huelga sign on the DSA landing page. If you want to be inspired by her struggle for social justice, go see the film. 

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Drain the Swamp: Defeat the Trump Tax Cuts


Statement of the DSA National Political Committee

Oct. 5,  2017

President Trump came to office allegedly aiming to “drain the swamp” of privileged “special interests.” But his regressive massive tax cut proposal provides further evidence that the Trump administration serves the interests of the oligarchs.  

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Indigenous Peoples' Day and Environmental Justice


WE Recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day

Indigenous peoples are among the first to face the direct consequences of climate change:

  • In the Amazon, deforestation for industrial agriculture causes droughts and fires.
  • Rising temperatures in South Dakota mean more disease-spreading mosquitoes — and heat waves that endanger Native elders and children.
  • In Alaska, entire Inuit and Yu’pik villages are sliding into the sea. The Native people there aren’t just losing their homes. They face the loss of their entire language and cultural identity.
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Every Day Is Labor Day for DSA



Twin Cities DSA
Courtesy of Ian Ringgenberg

By Dan DiMaggio

We have two Labor Days in the United States: one in September (first celebrated in 1882) and one in May (commemorating the Haymarket Massacre of 1886). For members of DSA chapters throughout the country, support for labor goes on all year round. Here’s a round-up of recent local activity. 

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DSA Endorses Medicare for All Act of 2017


Statement of the DSA National Political Committee, September 15 2017

Bernie Sanders — a democratic socialist and long-time universal health care advocate — filed the Medicare for All Act of 2017. DSA enthusiastically endorses this landmark bill, and will fight tirelessly for its passage.

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Social Democracy Is Good. But Not Good Enough.

By Joseph M. Schwartz and Bhaskar Sunkara

We need a socialism that goes beyond capitalism. And not just for moral reasons.

John Judis has all the right intentions. He’s looking at the resurgence of openly democratic socialist currents in the United States with a mix of excitement and trepidation. Excitement, because he knows how desperately the country’s workers need social reforms. Trepidation, because he worries that the new left might fall into the familiar traps of insularity and sectarianism.

But while Judis wants us to change society for the better, his response to the failures of twentieth-century state socialism would lead us into the dead end of twentieth-century social democracy.

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