Take a minute for this news from France!

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You may have already seen the video above: on Twitter, via email, on DSA’s Medicare For All website. As France contends with coronavirus, including 300 dead yesterday, it has a secret weapon missing in the U.S.: its gold-standard health system, its already-installed Medicare For All. The world is watching what happens there: the skeptical New York Times writes that France’s health system is “facing its severestest ever, and whether it succeeds will say much about the ultimate adequacy of a well-funded, well-equipped and broadly accessible national treatment plan.” As that country’s wealthy head for the hills, the gilet jaunes keep mobilizing and its president, Emmanuel Macron, pledges to fight on against the stage-three epidemic, this video features U.S. citizens living in France with one simple message: This is what universal health care looks like.  That includes,  veteran DSAer Penny Schantz reminds us, the right to strike without the fear for one’s family’s health.

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