Socialism Featured by One of the Most Mainstream of Media

Maurice Isserman, biographer of both Michael Harrington and Dorothy Healey, leaders in the two organizations that formed DSA, is featured in Time magazine’s recent video of the history of U.S. socialism. To longtime socialists such as Isserman, the invitation signaled an interest by mainstream media not seen in recent times—Ed.

When Time asked to interview me last fall for this video about the history of U.S. socialism, I was a little apprehensive, remembering the reactionary Time of my youth.  But in recent years, the magazine seems to have undergone a political reboot, and its articles can be surprisingly progressive.  I think this is a pretty good overview of the long and complicated history of the socialist movement in the United States, especially for those with little or no prior knowledge of that history.  Watch it, see what you think, and do further research for more details.