#RadicalDecember: A month of international left-wing learning

The Radical Publishers Alliance—an international collective of left-wing publishers that includes Democratic Left—has launched #RadicalDecember, a series of talks and events that seek to capture the energy of left-wing organizing in 2020 and highlight the relevance of radical ideas to this year’s crises of police brutality, housing instability, and the novel coronavirus pandemic. Organized in conjunction with Literal, a radical fair held in Barcelona, #RadicalDecember will run all month, with events and talks featuring speakers such as Angela Davis, Gargi Bhattacharyya, and Rachel Kushner.


“I’m really excited to be able to offer these events to the public,” said organizer Fazeela Jiwa. “There has never been a more relevant time for these ideas, and we’ve seen that throughout 2020 with a real surge in interest in books that explore ways to re-make the world.”

All #RadicalDecember events are free to watch and participate in online. The full schedule for the event series can be found on the Literal website.