Radical May: Changing the world through progressive media

This month, left-wing publishing houses around the world are joining forces to sponsor and organize Radical May, a series of spirited talks, debates, and roundtable conversations designed to empower the global Left using the knowledge and networks of some of the world’s foremost radical thinkers. With left-wing luminaries pulled from the pages of Verso Books, The Feminist Press, Jacobin, and dozens of other progressive publishers from across the globe, Radical May is sure to have something in its program for anyone and everyone who identifies as a member of the international Left. Indeed, the need for critical Left thinking is more important than ever as we face extraordinary crises of capitalism and the fallout from a continuing global pandemic. 

A small sampling of this week’s Radical May events includes a discussion of Peter Cole’s recent biography of Ben Fletcher, a panel on work and its relationship with how we organize our lives, and a talk about border towns and Native liberation in Canada and the United States.

These events are organized by LITERAL—a radical festival of books and ideas—in partnership with the Radical Publishers Alliance (DSA’s Democratic Left is a member). With a huge number of events running in different time zones and languages, we speak to a truly global audience that includes all people and organizations that wish to challenge our broken social and economic system and share ideas for building a better future.

To check out the full program of Radical May, which will run until the end of the month, click through to the official website of the event series. Many events are free, but you should register beforehand for a ticket. Search events here.