December 27, 2022

The Job Situation for November 2022:    Who Did Well and Who Did Not?

Chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows unemployment still low.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) survey of households in November found that the official unemployment rate stayed at 3.7%. That’s low by conventional standards and lower than 4% to 5%, which is probably what the Federal Reserve is aiming for. Official unemployment rates for some groups stayed down. The rate for whites was 3.3%…

December 22, 2022

Mourn, Then Organize: The Longest Night And the Fight for Housing Justice

Banner from DSA Austin, "Homelessness Is Not a Crime!{

In many communities, December 21 is the date when a local house of worship serves as the host of a Longest Night service memorializing the homeless persons who died in the past year. In my community of Indianapolis, Christ Church Cathedral at the center of downtown began last year’s event by ringing its bell 167 times —…

December 15, 2022

What Wins Elections? Field Organizing.

Sign with voter stats for South Philly Voter Project, 2022. (Facebook)

Paid media is great, but what about field organizing? An over reliance on paid media is no substitute for recruiting an army of volunteers, and it is leaving too many Democratic voters behind. Think back to the last time you watched an evening of television, can you remember the name of each of the products…

December 12, 2022

Organizing for a Multiracial DSA

The National Multiracial Organizing Committee’s Organizing Institute focused on the challenges of, and opportunities for, multiracial organizing in DSA.

December 8, 2022

Shaping the World to Come

Review of The Rise of a New Left: How Young Radicals Are Shaping the World of Politics by Raina Lipsitz (Verso 2022) In this brief, yet thorough, history of modern U.S. socialism, Raina Lipsitz answers an important question: Where do DSA and the Left stand after 2020? She also offers a sobering yet inspirational record…

December 5, 2022

DSA at the Ballot Box

Being part of a national organization means shared lessons, shared momentum, and shared solidarity.