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Medicare for All: A Bargain at $33 Trillion

The United States now spends twice as much on health care as the average of all the other industrial countries. Yet we rank 28th in life expectancy – right down there with Turkey. We rank 55th in infant mortality – just between Gibraltar and Serbia. With Medicare for All we can bring down costs, pay less, and live healthier lives. 

Medicare for All press conference, fall 2017.

John Bolton is My Hero? Or, Don’t Knock Impeachment

Many comrades have trouble getting their arms around the removal of the most depraved, reactionary president in memory. Not surprisingly, nobody in their right mind wants to launch a new Cold War against the Satanic Russians. Nevertheless, heartfelt encouragement of impeachment from the Left is fully warranted.

Bolton at the United Nations/

Book Review, Urban Warfare: Housing Under the Empire of Finance

Alternating between journalistic vignettes from her UN mandate and detailed analysis of housing policy, Rolnik condemns how the financialization of housing drives evictions and displacement, from the wealthiest nations in the world to the poorest.

One Child, Many Stories: Review of One Child Nation, directed by Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang, 2019

It remains to be seen whether the two-child policy will avert China’s demographic crisis in which the working-age population declines, families’ age-care responsibilities increase, and there is a potential debt crisis for China’s pension funds. The results of the policy have also led to one of the most skewed gender imbalances in the world, so that many young Chinese men will never marry, while women are under intense pressure to do soThese questions may be too complex for an 89-minute documentary to tackle. However, in rightly highlighting this outrageous policy, the film might have inadvertently reinforced a simplistic image of China as a totalitarian society where the politics and society are monolithic and senseless, and human agency for questioning and resisting rarely exist. On the contrary, mass protests in rural and urban China, against employers, against companies, and against government officials occur daily. The heroic effort of two Chinese activists, who tracked protests in China closely, documented more than 70,000 cases between 2014 and 2016, before they were arrested and sentenced. 

The Daily Beast calls ONE CHILD NATION "a deadly reckoning with a traumatic history."

Our Debt to Central American Refugees

Historians for Peace and Democracy  always has its pulse on the moment. This time, in one of the group’s Broadsides for the Trump Era, Kevin Young outlines why every one of those migrants being abused by the Trump administration deserves to be welcomed with an apology.  Read a lightly edited version below, and go to…

Using power builds power

On the first weekend of August, 1,056 delegates from around the country attended DSA’s biennial national convention in Atlanta. It was the largest decision-making gathering of socialists in the United States since the 1940s.

Film Review: American Factory

As a film about work in the global economy, it brings a down-to-earth realism that factory jobs are usually pretty bad, union campaigns often lose, and workers’ lives are subject to the whims of international capital.