Democratic Left

Diary of a Letter Carrier

Saving  the Postal Service has gone from a no-brainer issue to a DSA campaign–and a moral imperative for us all.

Tax justice means taxes for the rich

Saez and Zucman; Allowing tax evasion is a choice. When the wealthy respond to the tax code by saying, “You and who else are going to make me pay?” we don’t have to mumble that the public can make do without, after all. We can make—and at times have made—a different choice. We can make them pay.

Epidemics are powerful agents of change

Is it true that some clouds have silver linings? When it comes to epidemics, the answer is yes. With a few notable exceptions, epidemic infectious diseases, even as they caused suffering and death, have enhanced government’s ability to control future outbreaks and protect the public’s health.

‘Major unrest is going to have to happen’ : Kandist Mallett talks to Christine Lombardi

When people hit the streets, I’m inspired. The culture’s shifting, and people are talking about general strike! Though we need to look closely: If everyone’s at home, what constitutes a strike? I’m inspired by all the networks that are protecting people’s homes against eviction. I love it that community gardens, mutual aid systems, are all political now. Direct action, unifying that strength and collective energy: That’s how we win.”

Summer 2020: Seeking Justice Amid the Pandemic

The Summer issue of our quarterly magazine is here! And with lots of content not unrelated to this week’s uprising. We’ll post the articles separately all week, but don’t miss the acclaimed John D’Emilio on what ACT-UP can teach us all, and Kandist Mallett’s prescient words about COVID injustice.