April 8, 2022

The Ukraine War: Dilemma for the U.S. Left

First in a series. Next, we’ll offer options on what DSA members can do to abate the war’s suffering. — Ed. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was unjustified, and the U.S. Left must condemn it. At the same time, the Left should not buy into the distortions and half-truths in the portrayal of the conflict now…

April 5, 2022

California DSA Unites Two Dozen Chapters in Statewide Federation

Van Cedric Williams, then candidate (now member) Oakland USD Board of Education, speaking in front of the Chamber of Commerce during the car caravan in support of Prop 15. (Photo: Fred Glass)

All politics may be local, but some problems need statewide action. At its 2021 convention, DSA delegates committed DSA “to developing state-level organizations and orienting toward running candidates for state legislatures, both as a means to contest the power of state government and to build capacity for statewide and federal races.” California’s  statewide federation launched…

April 2, 2022

“Pick up the pen, Joe!” Cancel Student Debt! Day of Action, April 4, 2022

As April begins, there’s a rash of headlines about student debt — which has been on pause for two years due to COVID. President Biden and the Department of Education explicitly promised to use this pause to prepare to cancel at least some student debt. Instead, we’ve seen some modest reforms to issues with the…

March 28, 2022

Give Us Shelter!

Across the country, DSA chapters are responding to a national housing crisis.

March 21, 2022

Lessons from Eviction Court

Instead of treating housing as a tool for the rich to get richer, we can ensure affordable housing for many, many more people than we do now.

March 21, 2022

Hanging Together

A reflection on unity and the American Left’s bright future from the March 1982 edition of Democratic Left.

March 18, 2022

Review: Thomas Piketty’s ‘Time for Socialism: Dispatches from a World on Fire’

Thomas Piketty. (Source: Facebook)

Nobody comes out of the womb a socialist, and Thomas Piketty, like the rest of us, was not born a socialist.  Socialists are made through life experiences, and the experiences that create socialists are unique to each of us even if there may be some common themes.  In 2014, Piketty published an 800-page book, Capital…