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Fracking, Fracturing, and Finding Truth: John Sayles on Going Below the Surface

Sayles’ cinematic oeuvre sometimes obscures his other way of bringing these stories to light, a literary output whose propulsive prose tackles similar questions about life under capitalism, with its embedded racism/misogyny/militarism. Those issues recur even when the stories are set in the past, whether Matewan’s 1921 coal-miners’ strike or the 1880s/90s of both Amigo and his 2011 novel A Moment In the Sun. 

We own the future

We Own the Future—a new book edited by Kate Aronoff, Peter Dreier, and Michael Kazin—reminds us why socialists not only dream but do.

What Will Medicare For All Cost?

While the debate stage is no place for analysis, what should come across is that over the next ten years, the country is already projected to both spend more on health insurance than Medicare for All would cost, and get less actual health care for the dollar than a Medicare for All would deliver. 

Bernie is Democrats’ Best Shot in 2020, Even if the DNC Refuses to See It

Bowing to Michael Bloomberg is a new low for the Democratic establishment,

There are very few Americans who are “socially liberal but fiscally conservative” (like Bloomberg).  This is a political creature that exists among the relatively well-off in the Boston through D.C. or Seattle through San Diego coastal beltways, and pretty much nowhere else besides (and many of these vote libertarian). Worse, Bloomberg is a particularly problematic example of this elusive species. 

Socialism Featured by One of the Most Mainstream of Media

I think this is a pretty good overview of the long and complicated history of the socialist movement in the United States, especially for those with little or no prior knowledge of that history. Watch it, see what you think, and do further research for more details.

They Are Sending Their Best People: Immigrants Helping to Make America Great

Mexico has sent the United States what can only be described as some of its best people; we are very fortunate indeed to have these families living here. The United States must bring these people out of the shadows and away from exploitation, offering them citizenship. They have certainly earned it; they have done so much to make America great!

Immigrants-rights protest in Detroit, 2019.