Democratic Left

Today, Chicago. Tomorrow, Your City.

Six DSA members recently won city council seats in Chicago. Their wins show how socialists all over the country can fight and win.

No shortcuts to organizing

Jane McAlevey’s No Shortcuts has been read by hundreds of DSAers and discussed in online book discussion groups this summer. She recently spoke with Puya Gerami to answer frequently raised questions.

Labor for Bernie

With the assistance of many DSA members, Labor for Bernie 2020 has launched chapters across the country.

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, U.S. Politics and the Future of Palestine

The Israeli government and its bi-partisan American minions have inflated BDS into a larger-than-life boogeyman. By painting BDS as a global antisemitic conspiracy, they promote a picture of Israel as a valiant democracy under threat. Israel exploits that picture to justify a litany of antidemocratic and brutal measures: from closing its borders to critics to murdering unarmed civilians at the weekly “Great March of Return” demonstrations in the Gaza Strip since March 2018.

Book Review: Deadly Disease, Life-giving Partnerships

Remaking a Life is not just intended for an audience of service providers, black feminists, or other academics. There are key lessons for socialists and movement members as well. It reveals key insights into how structural violence is compounded, how communities fail the most vulnerable, and how even the gravest injustice can be rectified. The AIDS safety net represents an important tool for helping women regain their strength after surviving trauma.

What Next for Cuba?

Cuba today is under threat from the Trump administration at a time when the island nation transitions from almost 60 years of being led by the Castro brothers.