Democratic Left

Can we save the U.S. Postal Service?

The USPS as we have known it could disappear. DSA’s Labor Commission has launched a campaign to save the postal service, and urges chapters to engage in coalition work.

Chapter and Verse

DSA chapters around the country stood up to defend Black lives after the police murder of George Floyd.

From settler colony to slaveholder republic

Democratic Left editorial team member Stephen Magro spoke with organizer, activist, and scholar Gerald Horne about the controversial 1619 Project and the need for socialists to be antiracist and internationalist in theory and practice.

Ideology matters

In a 1,000-page sequel to his groundbreaking Capital in the 21st Century, French economist Thomas Piketty lays out the kinds of policies we’ll need to enact in order to prevent the dystopian future of extreme inequality that we’re currently headed for. He spoke with Democratic Left by Skype.

Transforming the State: “Bigger than Bernie’

Re-reading this book in light of recent events — Sanders’s defeat in the primaries, the pandemic, the economic crisis, and the reemergence of anti-racist street protest — was bittersweet and somewhat emotionally jarring, but it offered a bracing, useful, and positive re-grounding in the basics of democratic socialist politics.