Lessons from Eviction Court

Natasha G’s eviction hearing was set to begin at any minute. A law student and I stood outside the court entrance, taking hurried notes as she explained her situation. Her abuser had been arrested recently. (I am not using clients’ real names.) That protected her from his drunken beatings, but also left her without his income to help support their five kids. After she fell behind on rent, Natasha took a job 35 miles away from home, working in a warehouse on the 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. shift. She has a rickety car and tenuous nighttime childcare arrangements. She is struggling with lack of sleep and growing health problems and does not have much help with the kids during the day. We rushed into court and helped her convince the judge to give her a few weeks to pull in some paychecks that would allow her to catch up on rent.

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