Editorial: Introducing DSA Weekly & Our New Submissions Forms – Democratic Socialists of America


(We’ve come a long way from mailboxes like this one from 1869).

DSA Weekly, formerly known as Democratic Left Blog, is a digital media hub for all things DSA.

DSA is a broad multi-tendency organization with an international presence. While private magazines and media projects play a tremendous role in the fight for socialism, to fulfill its mission DSA requires a media platform that is democratic and freely accessible to its own members.

Among the members exists a range a perspectives and political trends. It is only through democratic struggle—that is the open discussion of politics—that we can properly handle contradictions and differences among the members of this organization. Towards that end, the editorial team has created two new protocols for political engagement.

First, we now have Letters to the Editor, a section designed to foster open discussion of debates in the organization as well as responses to anything published at DSA Weekly.

Second, members can now use a brand new submissions form to pitch articles to be considered for publication.

Our next step is to finalize our publications guidelines and style guide, but we don’t wish to delay the submissions process while we complete our guidelines.

Letters to the Editor

We will accept submissions of 250 words or less on the following subjects:

  • Responses in support or opposition to editorial positions, or to other letters to the editor
  • Commentary on issues being debated within DSA whether in locals, caucus statements, or the National Political Committee
  • Commentary on previous DSA Weekly articles
  • Corrections

To upload your letter as a document, click here (requires a Google Account). Otherwise, send plain text here, from any email.

Letters to the Editor must be submitted under the author’s name of record. No anonymous letters will be published.

Article Submissions

In addition to written essays, we will accept pitches that use pictures, video, and audio media. We have sections dedicated to arts and culture, the electoral sphere, organizing, chapter roundups and profiles, and international affairs. At the moment, we have yet to formalize our submissions guidelines and so the specific requirements for consideration will be posted soon. However, we will begin reviewing material as soon as we receive it.

As above, to upload your piece directly, click here (requires a Google Account). Otherwise, send plain text here, from any email.