DSOC, NAM, and DSA’s Role in Chile Solidarity

Read at Jacobin: “Immediately After the 1973 Chilean Coup, US Socialists Supported Those Fighting For Freedom”

For the 50th anniversary of the Chilean coup that overthrew the left-wing Popular Unity coalition, long-time Democratic Socialist of America member David Duhalde in Jacobin magazine has written a history of US-based democratic socialist solidarity with the Chilean people. Duhalde’s piece chronicles the origin of this relationship beginning with DSA’s predecessor organizations, the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee and New American Movement, through the periodicals of the two groups and DSA, interviews with DSA members active in Chile Solidarity, leaked State Department memos, and more. Duhalde ties together the recent delegation of progressive congressional representatives such as AOC that have sparked a new declassification of documents on the US support of the coup to the latest exchanges between DSA and its comrades in Chile such as Allende Vive last week.

Duhalde has written for the Democratic Left and other outlets about Chile such as “Chileans Are Hungry for an Alternative to Neoliberalism” (2019), “A Tale of Two September 11ths” (2021), “For Chileans, the choice in Today’s Election is Socialism or Barbarism” (2021), and DSA Reportback: Chile Delegation (2022).