DSA Joins National Defend DACA National Campaigns


By Immigrants’ Rights Committee- DSA

On September 5, 2017 President Trump repealed Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA has provided legal protection for 800,000 immigrants who were brought to the United States as children by their families, but its repeal threatens to divide families, pull children out of schools, and force workers to quit their jobs.


The deadline that Trump has given to congress to act on a fix to DACA is March, 5th of 2018, however for many DACA recipients that will be far too late as DACAs will begin expiring on that date. We must take action to defend DACA.

The Democratic Socialists of America and the national DSA Immigrant Rights’ Committee is proud to join the Our Dream Coalition in partnership with Our Revolution and the Seed Project of Movimiento Cosecha. The Our Dream Coalition has launched “Fight for Our Dream,” a nation-wide campaign led by Dreamers which seeks to pass the DREAM Act and fight for permanent protection and respect for undocumented youth, without creating harmful conditions for the rest of the undocumented community.

Members of the Our Dream Coalition are taking action this week to ensure protected status for Dreamers across the country by defending DACA.

Will you join us by occupying your Representative’s local office next week

Participate in the #OurDream Campaign Direct Actions


Together, we are fighting for the entire immigrant community. We won DACA in 2012 by organizing, marching, and taking direct action. We are being called to take action again and fight for an even greater policy – the Clean DREAM Act.

We need you in this fight. It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience advocating for immigrants, and it doesn’t matter if have never been a part of a political movement. All you need to be successful in this fight is a commitment to the cause.​​

Republicans need Democratic votes to pass the omnibus spending bill coming up for a vote on December 8th. This is our last chance to use our political power and strength to push both parties to get the clean DREAM Act into the spending bill, and back into law.

Our families, our communities, and all 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States will not give up on this fight. Will you join us? There are so many brave undocumented people who are coming out of the shadows, showing their faces, and risking deportation for all of us. Join us as we continue to fight for #OurDream.


Join DSA national Immigrants’ Rights Committee contingent of the #OurDream Campaign

DSA’s Take on DACA
As socialists the DSA national Immigrants’ Rights Committee remains committed to fighting alongside undocumented immigrants ineligible for DACA: those who have felony convictions, those without access to higher education, and those who immigrated as adults. We reject the notion that immigrants should have to earn basic human rights and decent treatment by serving in the armed forces, getting a higher education, or being productive workers.

DACA itself represents that kind of thinking turned into policy. The moral division between “deserving” and “undeserving” immigrants ignores the role of policing and the criminal justice system in criminalizing undocumented immigrants.

We need an immigration policy that brings people together instead of pitting workers against each other. We support legislation that would grant immediate permanent resident status to current undocumented workers and their children and that would establish an expeditious and non punitive route to citizenship for these workers and their families. We support an extension of DACA, of TPS (Temporary Protected Status), and the extension of labor rights to all persons working in the U.S.

In solidarity,

Duane Campbell
Immigrant Rights’ Committee, National Co-Chair
DSA – Sacramento

Brandon Rey Ramirez
Immigrant Rights’ Committee, National Co-Chair
DSA – Los Angeles

Elijah Stevens
NYC DSA Immigration Justice Working Group
DSA – New York City

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