DSA members: Share your early voting experiences!

New York City DSAer Tom Roderick gives a thumbs up after standing in line for almost two hours for early voting. The wait was made more bearable by the food truck in the background, noted DL editor Maxine Phillips: 

When we arrived at the polling place, fresh from a grandchild-care stint and not having eaten since early morning, we were met by a volunteer who thrust both vegetarian and meat empanadas on us as well as bottled water and individually wrapped cookies. They said they were a nonprofit dedicated to bringing food to people at polling places and had ‘partnered’ with Uber, whose name is prominently displayed on the truck, of course.

We were directed to a line for seniors, and while in line, we were offered candy by some children in costume who were doing reverse trick-or-treating with their dad.

A far cry from what comrades have to face in those open-carry states.
Someday, perhaps those trucks will have DSA logos on them. I know we’ve done similar things on strike lines.
What’s your early-voting story and election-day victory? Send photos and short descriptions to DL Online at [email protected]!