Call For Submissions: International Secessionist Movements – Democratic Socialists of America


The DSA Weekly International Affairs section editors are requesting pieces from DSA members regarding their thoughts on whether and how the American left can or should engage with international secessionist movements using case examples from all over the world.

DO you have strong thoughts on Western Saharan independence? What about regional Kurdish movements? Catalonian secession from Spain? This is your opportunity to weigh in on a critical issue for left foreign policy!

We are looking for pieces that show a regional diversity (MENA, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Africa, etc.) and a position diversity. Submissions will be accepted from May 20 to June 10 through the DSA Weekly submission form and should be less than 1,250 words. These pieces should contain clear, embedded link citation sources for fact claims.


Decision notes will be sent on an ongoing basis until June 17. We are excited to hear from the DSA community!


Thank you,


International Affairs Co-Editors