A Film Festival of Workers’ Stories!

Sikivu Hutchinson’s Grinning Skull –is just one of the dynamic offerings from the Workers Unite Film Festival.
As #BlackHistoryMonth wraps up, are you looking for something to watch that’s NOT a franchise or Oscar bait? You’re in luck thanks to the Global Labor FilmFest Network (GLFF) 2023 Online Screening Series, co-sponsored by the DC Labor FilmFest (Washington, D.C.), the Rochester Labor Film Series (NY), the Socialist Labor Party Hall in Barre (VT), Reel W.ork Labor Film Festival (CA), and the Labor Heritage Foundation (D.C.) From St. Croix to Harlem, these chronicles of rage and resilience will warm your heart and charge you up.

Fireburn: The Documentary is a powerful short film about the human rights violations that occurred on the island of St. Croix during the 1878 post-emancipation event known as the Fireburn. Find out what sparked this fiery labor revolt from sugar plantation workers and learn how it changed the lives of Virgin Islanders. (2021, 21m, Directed by Joel Fendelman, Executive Producer: Angela Golden Bryan) (Tix: bit.ly/FireburnWUFF12) (Trailer)
Digging for Weldon Irvine is a feature-length documentary abut the life and influence of heralded writer, arranger, composer and pianist Weldon Irvine, Jr. The film studies his influence on the Black Arts Movement of the 1970s, the evolution of hip-hop, and the development of some of the most well-known figures in jazz today. (2019, 111m, Directed by Victorious DeCosta) (Tix: bit.ly/WeldonWUFF12) (Trailer

Dark Cell Harlem Farm explores the death by suffocation of eight Black men at a prison plantation in 1913. The film makes an urgent and uncompromising argument for the impossibility of prison reform and the necessity of prison abolition. (2022, 27 min, Directed by Alexander Johnston) (Tix: bit.ly/DarkCellWUFF12) (Trailer)

Grinning Skull – Set in Los Angeles in 1946, Black and Latina female washroom attendants wrestle with the decision to unionize, bucking racism, sexism, and class discrimination at the Pacific Electric Railway subway terminal. (2018, 21m, Directed by Sikivu Hutchinson) (Tix: bit.ly/SkullWUFF12) (Trailer)
Detroit 48202: Conversations Along A Postal Route examines the rise, demise, and contested resurgence of the City of Detroit through the lens of African-American mail carrier, Wendell Watkins, and the committed community he faithfully served for thirty years. (2018, 82m, Directed by Pamela Sporn)
(Tix: bit.ly/DetroitWUFF12) (Trailer)
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