October 25, 2021

On Colin Powell

Sculpture by Goshka Macuga, of Powell making his UN Assembly speech about Iraq, in which he knowingly lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.

I know Colin Powell meant a lot to a lot of people I respect, which might make the week to come nearly unbearable. It also makes the option of saying nothing feel like cowardice.

Powell’s name appears three times in my book I Ain’t Marching Anymore. Never positively.

October 25, 2021

“Will Not Work for Peanuts”: September Employment Report Shows Worker Resistance

Source: DOL's Facebook page

In the Employment Situation–September 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics offered positives and negatives. Non-farm job numbers from business and government organizations were disappointing, adding only 194,000 positions. The August additions of 366,000 jobs had been weak, but September was worse. In the household survey, unemployment fell substantially from 5.2% to 4.8%. The number of…

October 18, 2021

Screaming for ‘Azadi’: A Review of “Forbidden to See Us Scream in Tehran”

Film poster for Forbidden to Scream in Tehran.

Farbod Ardebili’s new short film Forbidden to See Us Scream in Tehran asks a simple yet powerful question: what are you willing to do for freedom?  Shima (Mohadeseh Kharaman), a young Iranian woman who fronts an underground metal band in Tehran, gives us her answer. Shima’s position in the band, combined with its genre of…

October 15, 2021

Privatizers Attack Puerto Rican Union

UTIER members on the march.

Only the working classes of Puerto Rico, the great masses of the people, and the UTIER ranks have both the need and the political determination to see the struggle through. Should the divide between Puerto Rican and U.S. mainland workers be overcome, the unity of the tradespeople of both nations could emerge as a powerful force.

October 13, 2021

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month- Sept.15 – Oct 15, 2021

Heritage Month begins in the United States on September 15 of each year and celebrates several of the independence struggles in Latin America from 1810- through the 1820s.  Spain ruled most of Latin America from 1521 until 1820. The movements of independence from Spanish rule began most notably on September 15, 1810 in Dolores, Mexico…

October 4, 2021

A Carceral Con Lurks Behind Plans for Reform

Book cover: Carceral Con. the Deceptive Terrain of Criminal Justice Reform

We need to ask the radical question: if aggressive policing and rapidly expanding systems of carceral control produce only more violence and injustice, what different approaches hold more promise for building a better society?