Democratic Left

Gene Debs Looks Toward Socialism

As they did in Volume I of the series, Tim Davenport and David Walters have given us a real treasure, and a restoration. In truth, looking at these pages, we are reminded that Debs was a lucid thinker, a fine writer, astute and discerning.

Remembering Harry Britt

Harry always identified as a socialist. He personally made sure that I went from a campus “Youth Section” leader to an activist in SF DSA. He was a founding member and experienced leader of DSA in 1982, and became a DSA Vice-Chair.

Harry Britt and Michael Lighty.

DSA after Juneteenth: Notes From the Uprising

The uprising that began May 30 has been growing, and DSA chapters are working hard to support the Movement for Black Lives. Again, this is just a glimpse from Twitter; more actual prose to come, as well as photos from Occupy City Hall in Manhattan. The New York City Council is scheduled to vote by…

East Bay DSA was part of this event,

The Coronavirus Pandemic and Medicare for All

 In one way or another, many countries less financially well off than the United States manage to provide medical service to all who need it. our system is a piecemeal patchwork, leaving many vulnerable. And, as COVID-19 makes inescapably clear, so long as any of our neighbors are at risk, not one of us is safe.