May 16, 2022

Trifecta for the Buffalo Terrorist Attack: A Deadly Combination

Kensington Expressway. which divided Buffalo in two and isolated East Buffalo, site of this week's racist shooting. (Photo: Andre Carrotflower, Wikimedia Commons

  The visceral and shocking scenes out of Buffalo took seconds to permeate social media and the national consciousness. From the second the planned execution of Black shoppers began in the Buffalo grocery store, it was available for public consumption.  What are the necessary conditions that allow this to keep happening over and over again?…

May 5, 2022

Please Don’t Forget About Afghanistan

Afghan children wait to receive basic medical care and clothing on Camp Clark, Khowst province, Afghanistan. (U.S. Army, Wikimedia Commons December 2021)

As far as most people in the United States are concerned, the story of Afghanistan began with the U.S. invasion in 2001 and ended when the last American plane left in 2021. Some attention remained focused on covering the Taliban’s return to power, as well as the refugee crisis that coincided with the U.S. evacuation.…

April 29, 2022

With the Union’s Inspiration: Peter Cole Interviews Kim Kelly

Cover image via Facebook.

One of my favorite parts about writing this book was that I was able to lift up a bunch of past organizers whose legacies have been red-scared out of the mainstream labor narrative, from Lucy Parsons to Emma Tenayuca. We have always been here, and—unfortunately for the bosses and reactionaries—we ain’t goin’ nowhere.

April 26, 2022

New May Day Video Sparks Joint Labor-Socialist Movement Work

May Day 2021, San Francisco. (Photo: Fred Glass)

The phone call from Jim Miller, a vice-president of the San Diego City College faculty union, came early in 2018.  Would I be interested in making a presentation to students and faculty about the history of May Day on May 1? Why, yes, I would be. I knew from decades of teaching labor history to…

April 15, 2022

Seven Things You Should Know About the March Job Report

The National Jobs for All Network emphasizes that while there were only six million officially unemployed persons in March, there were 5.7 million job-wanters not currently searching and 4.2 million part-time workers who wanted full-time work. The total number of people who wanted a job or an upgrade was 15.9 million. To clear out just half of that would require eight million jobs. 

April 12, 2022

How DSA’ers Can Help Ukraine

Ukrainians and allies converge in New York City. (Photo:Dan La Botz)

With an attack on an independent nation, massive destruction in Ukraine, thousands of soldiers and civilians dead, millions of refugees, and the threat of nuclear weapons raised in a way not seen since the depths of the Cold War, what can we do? DSA, both nationally and locally, has the political clarity, the organizational structures, and the resources to aid Ukraine and its people. 

April 8, 2022

The Ukraine War: Dilemma for the U.S. Left

First in a series. Next, we’ll offer options on what DSA members can do to abate the war’s suffering. — Ed. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was unjustified, and the U.S. Left must condemn it. At the same time, the Left should not buy into the distortions and half-truths in the portrayal of the conflict now…