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Take a minute for this news from France!

You may have already seen the video above: on Twitter, via email, on DSA’s Medicare For All website. As France contends with coronavirus, including 300 dead yesterday, it has a secret weapon missing in the U.S.: its gold-standard health system, its already-installed Medicare For All. The world is watching what happens there: the skeptical New York…

Coronavirus Shows It’s Time to Remove the For-Profit Infection from U.S. Health Care

The Coronavirus Shows: It is Time to De-Privatize U.S. Healthcare Recently, in southeastern Indiana, several workers in the hospitality industry gathered to talk about their health. A cook in her sixties shared how she had gone months without her asthma inhalers because she couldn’t afford them. During that period, she was taken to the hospital…

Medicare for All press conference, fall 2017.

Sinn Féin and the Promise of Left Populism in America

While headlines in the United States have focused on our own electoral contests, with one-day attention to wins by right-wingers such as Boris Johnson in England or Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, the victory by Sinn Féin in Ireland in February has barely registered with political pundits. Sinn Féin won more votes than either of the…

Inspired by YDSA

Young socialist organizers have the most at stake, and the prize they have their eyes on is a lasting socialist movement.


Some of the most interesting and impactful work DSA’s local chapters are doing.

Building DSA with Bernie

As of February, more than 70 chapters have launched active DSA for Bernie campaigns, and these chapters are already making a real impact on the election.

The Weight of History

Lauren Jacobs, a longtime labor and community organizer, now leads the Partnership for Working Families. Puya Gerami spoke with her about building the Left at a time of opportunity.