Convention Registration, Housing & Travel


Convention registration is open until July 1st! All delegates must register and pay the Convention registration fees, which include breakfasts and lunches for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The per person cost of the Convention (not including housing or travel) is about $580 but we are offering substantially subsidized rates and solidarity scholarships to reduce the cost for members/chapters.

If you are elected to serve as a delegate, you will receive a registration form via email once your chapter reports the results of the election. Unfortunately, if you are not an elected delegate or a volunteer who has been asked to supply necessary labor at the Convention, you will not be able to attend. We will however be livestreaming the Convention so that members can watch from home.

Early Bird Rates Available June 1st-June 14th

  • The early-bird registration fee available until June 14th is $215 (61% national subsidy included)
  • The low-income early-bird registration available until June 14th is $65 (90% national subsidy included)

Regular Rates Available June 1st-July 1st

  • The regular registration fee is $263 (55% national subsidy included)
  • The low-income registration fee is $100 (80+% national subsidy included)

To apply for a national solidarity scholarship to reduce your out-of-pocket Convention costs, please apply here by the deadline on June 23rd. Scholarship priority will be given to delegates who are receiving little to no financial support from their chapter.


When a member registers as a delegate or observer, they will receive a dedicated DSA convention URL to book a room at the hotel. This URL should only be used by one person per room. Please consider your travel arrangements before booking your room.

Delegates can save significantly by sharing a hotel room. We expect that many delegates will room with other delegates from the same chapter or with partners who are not attending the convention. Delegates may also make arrangements with friends in other chapter to share rooms.

Hotel booking closes Monday, July 1st. We cannot guarantee that there will be rooms available after July 1st and if there are rooms available, the rates will go up.

The special rate for those attending the Convention is $159.31 per night (inclusive of taxes and fees) or $478 for three nights.

  • The room rate is the same for one, two, three or four persons in the room.
  • With 4 people sharing a room, the rate can be as low as $39.83 per person per night or $119.48 for three nights.

If you are traveling alone to the Convention and would like the National Office to match you with roommates to reduce your housing costs, please email us at: [email protected]


The travel share system is designed so that delegates who travel long distances or live in communities with less affordable flight access have their costs subsidized by delegates who have lower costs, thus equalizing access.

Actual fares (or mileage at $0.58/mile for those who drive) will be averaged among all delegates, based on proof of payment or mileage calculation from point of origin.

  • Those delegates whose costs are higher than the average will be reimbursed for the difference, providing that they exercised reasonable diligence in their ticket purchase.
  • Those delegates and alternates whose intercity costs are lower than the average will pay the difference into the pool. Those who commute locally are also in the pool and will pay the average cost.

All delegates must meet their obligation to the travel share before receiving their credentials for voting. Scholarship applicants can request a travel share waiver as part of their application.