Political Education Committee

The Political Education Committee is the group that spearheads DSA’s political education work, aimed at both members and the broader public.

This involves:

    • creating and revising materials like flyers, pamphlets and information on the website;
    • developing and presenting webinars;
    • developing guides for chapters to carry on political education;
    • forming reading groups and new member ideological development in local areas; and
    • working with other committees to guide DSA’s messaging in social media, graphics and video content.


The Political Education Committee is currently seeking new members! We need people with good knowledge of socialist theory and practice, people with writing and editing skills, people with skills in messaging and rhetoric, and people who know how to teach.

You must be able to commit to a one-year term, monthly report-backs, and regular working meetings to join this committee. The deadline to apply is December 7, 2019.

If any or all of those things describes you, then help us out!