Legal Working Group

The DSA Legal Working Group (“LWG”) is a collection of legal professionals and others interested in the legal profession working together to contribute our particular insight in support of DSA and its mission.

We will do this in four ways:

  1. provide legal and policy support to DSA National and sub-entities (e.g., chapters, other working groups, caucuses, etc.) by connecting them with pro bono legal services, potentially including services provided by LWG members;
  2. address the ways in which the legal profession contributes to the maintenance of capitalism and other systems of oppression;
  3. work on issues unique to, or which significantly affect, the legal profession and legal professionals;
  4. provide a forum for DSA and left attorneys to exchange ideas, experience, information, and expertise.

The goal of the LWG will be to support and advance the policies of DSA, its chapters, and other working groups, through our knowledge of the law, and to apply those policies and mission to the legal profession–not use the LWG as a means by which to drive DSA policy.