Design Committee

DSA National
Design Committee

What is the National Design Committee?

The National Design Committee (NDC) is made up of DSA members from all over the country who have experience with design, illustration, and visual art.

Our goals are to empower local chapters with design resources and skills to help communicate DSA’s vision for democratic socialism, and to connect designers to projects and campaigns that build socialist power in American communities.

We also take on large national design projects like the DSA website, national conventions, and our national campaigns like Medicare for All.

Can the NDC help my chapter with a project?

Please email us and we can do our best to connect you to a designer who can help. We kindly suggest reading this document to set expectations for project timelines.

If you have a small request, like a flier, button or logo, there are lots of resources available in the public drive. We also recommend asking in DSA Facebook groups like the Wholesome Meme Stash, New Members, or DSA: We Made This! We’re happy to help you access these groups if you’d like to join.

I’m a designer! How can I help?

If you have a local chapter near you and you have not worked with them yet, we suggest getting started there! Chapters always need a lending hand with regards to design. Please also feel free to email us and introduce yourself, or ask questions about designing for DSA and getting involved.

To get involved, please contact us at [email protected].