Charlottesville Fund Distribution (2019)

Charlottesville Fund

Status (updated 8/9/2018)

DSA has received confirmation that the NCF has completed all final approvals and funds are on their way out to the approved survivors. 

8/1/2018 update:

According to the NCF, as of August 1, a total of 71 survivors of the Charlottesville attack have been approved to receive funds and have received approval notices with directions on how to accept the funds. This includes one additional psychological trauma survivor who was the last to be approved at the end of last week.

At this point, the dispersement process is underway. Survivors were given a choice between receiving a paper check in the mail or an electronic wire transfer. For those electing to receive a wire transfer, the NCF sends an initial test transfer with some small amount of change that the recipient must approve. These tests are happening now.

The last thing that needs to happen on the NCF’s end is a final approval from Jeffrey Dion, their director, and all checks will be sent electronically or by mail immediately after. Dion is out of the country at the moment which is why DSA hasn’t been able to communicate with him directly this week but it is expected that he will finalize the approval online today or tomorrow.

July 24th NPC Apology Regarding Charlottesville Medical Fund Distributions

July 13th update from NCF Executive Director (opens in new window)

July 5th update from NCF Executive Director (opens in new window)

June 27th Update from NCF Executive Director (opens in new window)

6/10/2018 update:

On June 7th, the NCF’s Charlottesville Fund steering committee was informed that, due to delays with health care providers, a significant portion of the applicants had not yet been cleared. Because NCF cannot begin distribution until verification is complete, the steering committee voted that afternoon to decide whether the outstanding applications should be denied on the grounds that they weren’t verified by the deadline, or whether the deadline for health care verification should be extended. A vote to extend the deadline was unanimous. We are awaiting further updates at this time.

5/29/2018 update:

NCF is currently waiting on medical verifications for several applicants. Because NCF distributes 100% of the Fund, they cannot begin distribution until verification is complete. They are hoping this process will be completed within the next week.


In an extraordinary display of solidarity, comrades from around the country came together to raise nearly $200,000 for survivors of right-wing violence in the fascist attack on August 12 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Crowdfunding for hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct aid was a new tactic for DSA, initiated in response to a clear need, and it quickly became apparent that we did not have the means, expertise, nor capacity to collect and distribute funds both fairly and confidentially.

In October, DSA’s Steering Committee voted to give these funds to the National Compassion Fund (NCF) for distribution. A statement explaining this decision was sent shortly after to chapter leaders and was also publicly posted on the fundraiser as an update, which you can read hereDSA’s funds were transferred to NCF during the second week of November. For more information, please see Charlottesville DSA’s timeline of events.

Transferring the money to NCF provided the best route for ensuring that those harmed would not have to file police reports; that their identities and health information would remain confidential at the local and national level; that there would be experienced oversight of the funds and that they would be disbursed correctly based on local need.

The NCF appointed a local steering committee, which includes DSA members from the Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, and Richmond chapters, to establish the eligibility criteria, application deadlines, validation requirements, and method(s) of distribution.

Who to contact

In October, DSA’s Steering Committee voted to give the money raised through DSA to the National Compassion Fund (more on that below).

The National Compassion Fund has trained victim assistance specialists to provide updates about the Fund via the VictimConnect Resource Center through phone, text, or chat at 855-4-VICTIM [855-484-2846], Victims can also email [email protected].

FAQ updated 8/16/2019.