DSA Chapter Dues Sharing

Resolution #21 Move Towards Monthly Dues, passed at the 2017 DSA Convention, states:

“as soon as financially and logistically viable, a system will be implemented whereby local chapters receive back from the national organization 20% of the amount the members in their jurisdiction contribute in the form of monthly dues, at regular intervals”


National DSA will disburse 20% of monthly dues in a chapter’s jurisdiction to chapters with bank accounts on a quarterly basis, within 6 weeks of the close of the quarter.

We are phasing out the previous informal practices with a handful of chapters.

All monthly dues (new and recurring) paid in each quarter will be included in the dues sharing calculation.

Dues shares will be distributed via ACH payments, not paper checks. National DSA will not transfer chapter dues shares to individuals’ bank accounts.



In order to receive your share of dues, chapters must:

  • Send your current treasurer’s full name, email address, and phone number to chapterdues@dsausa.org and update national DSA of changes to the treasurer position within 10 business days of said change.
  • Send documentation via signal of:
    • your chapter’s EIN (IRS letter or electronic notice), and
    • bank or credit union account in chapter’s name (photo of voided check or bank statement + bank name, routing number, and account number)

Email chapterdues@dsausa.org for the signal number.

Organizing Committees/ Chapters without bank accounts

If you are an organizing committee waiting for NPC approval as a DSA chapter, or you are a chapter that currently does not have a bank account, once you are approved as a chapter and once you have a bank account, you may receive your share of chapter dues retroactive to the beginning of the quarter in which you submit your bank documentation.

2019 Dues-Sharing Schedule

Q1: by May 10, 2019

Q2: by August 9, 2019

Q3: by November 8, 2019

Q4: by February 7, 2020

Guidance on Incorporation and Opening a Bank Account

Please see the chapter incorporation kit.