DSA Chapter Dues Sharing Logistics

Chapter Dues-Sharing

Chapters can receive, on a quarterly basis, a portion of monthly dues paid by your members to national. Dues share is a great opportunity for chapters to raise funds just by growing your membership!

If you are not currently receiving dues share, please email [email protected] for next steps on signing up.

Email [email protected] by the last day of the quarter in order to receive that quarter’s dues share or for more information. 

2021-2022 Dues Share Schedule

  • 2021 Quarter 4 Dues Share — February 24, 2022, Thursday
  • 2022 Quarter 1 Dues Share — April 28, 2022, Thursday
  • 2022 Quarter 2 Dues Share — July 28, 2022, Thursday
  • 2022 Quarter 3 Dues Share — Oct 27, 2022, Thursday
  • 2022 Quarter 4 Dues Share — February 23, 2023, Thursday

Unincorporated Chapters

Unincorporated chapters receive their dues share allocation for up to two years via a pre-paid PEX card or until they incorporate, in which their dues share allocation is disbursed to an official chapter bank account. 

PEX cards are issued to the current chapter Treasurer and will be expected to upload receipts and properly notate each financial transaction to National via the online PEX card portal. Missing receipts at the end of a quarter may cause delays in dues share disbursement.

Incorporated Chapters

Incorporated chapters receive their dues share allocation via an ACH deposit into an official chapter bank account.

In order for incorporated chapters to receive dues share, they must submit to National bank account information, incorporation documentation, and the current Treasurer contact information.

Incorporated chapters maintain their own financial records, but should consult with National on the best practices for categorizing dues share as revenue for their chapter end-of-year tax reports.

Guidance on Incorporation and Opening a Bank Account

Please see the chapter incorporation help page.

Other Resources

Treasurer Resource Library
Compliance Resource Library


How is Dues Share Calculated?

Resolution #55 – Grassroots Fundraising and Small Chapter Growth, passed at the 2019 DSA National Convention, states that the Quarterly Dues Share between DSA Headquarters and local chapters, incorporated and unincorporated, shall be calculated as follows: 

  • 30% of the average monthly dues contribution from the first 50 chapter members 
  • 25% of the average monthly dues share from the next 51-200 members 
  • 20% of the next 201 members and up. 

The new calculation gives a slightly higher percentage of the monthly dues share to chapters with less than 250 monthly dues donors compared to previous dues shares calculation.