Directory of DSA/YDS chapters and Organizing Committees. Don't see a chapter in your area? Start a chapter today.
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Birmingham DSA
Phone: 205/690-0372 
Facebook | Twitter
Mobile DSA
Phone: 251/304-9243 
Email: mobilealDSA(a)
Northern Alabama DSA
Phone: 256/808-0108 
Email: hsvDSA(a)


Anchorage DSA
Email: anchorageDSA(a)
Southeast Alaska
Email: south.east.alaska.DSA(a)
Facebook | Twitter 


Phoenix DSA
Phone: 520/775-1864 
Email: phxazDSA(a)
WebsiteFacebook | Twitter
Tucson DSA
Phone: 520/305-9562 
Email: DSAtucson(a)


Central Arkansas DSA
Email: central.arkansas.DSA(a)


CA Statewide: Facebook Group
East Bay DSA
Email: info(a)
Fresno DSA
Phone: 559/825-7705
Email: fresnoDSA(a)
WebsiteFacebook | Twitter
Long Beach DSA
Phone: 804/372-5299 (804-DSA-LB99)
Email: DSAlongbeach(a)
Los Alamitos High School YDS
Email: ydslosal(a)
Los Angeles County DSA
Email: communications(a)
North Bay DSA
Contact: 707/335-9539
Email: DSAnorthbay(a)
Orange County DSA
Email: contact(a)
Peninsula DSA 
Phone: 650/918-6372
Email: peninsulaDSA(a)
Website | FacebookTwitter
Pomona Valley DSA
Phone: 909/632-4898
Email: DSApomonavalley(a)
Sacramento DSA
Email: DSAsacramento(a)
San Diego DSA
Email: sandiegoDSA(a)
Website | Facebook | Twitter
San Francisco DSA
Email: DSA.san.francisco(a)
Santa Barbara DSA
Contact: 805/881-3081
Email: DSAsantabarbara(a)
WebsiteFacebook | Twitter
Santa Barbara YDS
University of California & City College | Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Cruz DSA
Email: info(a)
Silicon Valley DSA
Email: info(a)
University of Southern California YDS | Los Angeles, CA
California State University - Channel Islands YDS | Camarillo, CA
Ventura County DSA
Email: venturacountyDSA(a)


Central Connecticut DSA 
Phone: 203/626-2372
Email: connecticut.DSA(a)
WebsiteFacebook | Twitter
Quiet Corner DSA 
Phone: 860/481-4503
Email: thequietcornerDSA(a)
Wesleyan University YDS
Wesleyan University | Middletown, CT
Email: wesdemocraticsocialists(a)
Western Connecticut DSA 
Phone: 475/289-6118
Email: westernct.DSA(a)
Yale Democratic Socialists
Yale University | New Haven, CT


Boulder DSA

Phone: 720/310-5282
Email: contact(a)
Colorado Springs DSA 
Phone: 719/551-2448
Email: springsDSA(a)
Denver DSA
Phone: 720/235-8609
Email: info(a) 
La Plata County DSA 
Phone: 970/403-5247
Email: laplataDSA(a)
Facebook | Twitter


Georgetown Democratic Socialists
Georgetown University | Washington, DC
Metro DC DSA
Email: info(a)


Broward County DSA 
Email: browardDSA(a)
Facebook | Twitter
Central Florida DSA 
Email: info(a)
Daytona Beach DSA
Facebook | Twitter
Jacksonville DSA 
Phone: 904/580-3738
Email: jacksonvilleDSA(a)
Miami DSA
Email: info(a) 
Orlando DSA
Phone: 407/785-6360
Email: DSAoforlando(a)
Palm Beach County DSA 
Email: palmbeachDSA(a)
Website | Facebook | Twitter
Palm Beach State College YDS
Palm Beach State College | Lake Worth, FL
Email: palmbeachstateyds(a)

Space Coast DSA
Email: spacecoastDSA(a)
Website | Facebook | Twitter
Tallahassee DSA
Phone: 850/792-5912
Email: TLHDSA(a)
Tampa DSA
Phone: 813/575-0524
Email: DSA.tampa(a)
Facebook | Twitter
University of Central Florida YDS
University of Central Florida | Orlando, FL
University of Florida YDS
University of Florida | Gainesville, FL
Email: ydsatuf(a)


Augusta DSA
Metro Atlanta
Email: info(a)


Phone: 650/395-8054
Email: DSAhonolulu(a)


Bloomington-Normal DSA
Email: blonoDSA(a)

Email: chambanaDSA(a)
Chicago DSA
Contact: Chicago DSA Office, 773/384-0327
Email: chiilDSA(a)
Northern Illinois DSA
Facebook | Twitter
Peoria DSA
Email: peoriaDSA(a)
Quad Cities IL/IA DSA
Email: quadcitiesDSA(a)
Sangamon County DSA
Phone: 320/566-9420
Email: sangamondemsocs(a)
WebsiteFacebook | Twitter
West Suburban IL DSA
Email: info(a)


Bloomington YDS
University of Indiana | Bloomington, IN
Central Indiana
Phone: 317/910-3219
Email: centralinDSA(a)
Northern Indiana
Phone: 574/404-7792
Email: nindemsocialists(a)
Southern Indiana DSA
Phone: 812/463-2311
Email: southernindianaDSA(a)
Facebook | Twitter
Purdue YDS
Purdue University | West Lafayette, IN


Central Iowa DSA
Email: centraliowademsocialists(a)
Dubuque County DSA
Email: dubuque.DSA(a)
Heart of Iowa DSA
Phone: 515/393-2172
Email: HeartofIowaDSA(a)
Iowa City DSA
Phone: 872/704-0161
Email: exec(a)
Quad Cities IL/IA DSA
Email: quadcitiesDSA(a)
The "S"Word at ISU - YDS
Iowa State University | Ames, IA


Wichita DSA
Email: socialists(a)


Lexintgon DSA
Email: lexingtonDSA(a)
Louisville DSA
Email: DSAlouisville(a)
Metro Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky DSA
Email: dsacincy(a)
Facebook Twitter

Southern Kentucky DSA
Email: sokyDSA(a)
University of Kentucky YDS
University of Kentucky | Lexington, KY


Baton Rouge DSA 
Phone: 225/308-1843
Email: batonrougeDSA(a)
New Orleans DSA
Phone: 504/457-8634
Email: hello(a)


In the DC Metro area? See the DC area chapter.

Greater Baltimore DSA
Email: baltimoreDSA(a)
University of Maryland YDS
University of Maryland | College Park, MD
Email: umd.yds(a)


Boston DSA
Email: info(a)
Cape Cod DSA
Phone: 508/388-4293
Email: capecodsocialists(a)
North Shore DSA 
Phone: 978/225-7306
Email: DSAnorthshore(a)
Pioneer Valley DSA
Phone: 413/455-0626
Email: pvdemsoc(a)
Smith College YDS
Smith College | Northampton, MA
Email: yds(a)
Worcester DSA 
Email: worcDSA(a)
Facebook | Twitter


Southern Maine
Email: DSA.SouthernMaine(a)


Email: detroitDSA(a)
Grand Rapids DSA 
Phone: 616/834-0749
Email: grandrapidsDSA(a)
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Huron Valley DSA
Phone: 734/985-0356
Email: huronvalleyDSA(a)
Website | Facebook | Twitter
Lansing DSA 
Phone: 989/372-0101 
Email: lansingDSA(a)
Facebook | Twitter
Marquette DSA 
Phone: 231/487-2603
Email: DSAmqt(a)
Michigan State YDS
Michigan State University | East Lansing, MI
Northern MI DSA
Email: northernmiDSA(a)


Red River Valley DSA
Phone: 701/404-7393
Email: gc(a)
Website | Facebook | Twitter
Rochester MN DSA
Email: rochestermnDSA(a)

Twin Cities DSA
Email: chairs(a)
Twin Ports MN/WI DSA
Email: DSA.duluth(a)
University of Minnesota YDS
University of  Minnesota | Minneapolis, MN


Southern Mississippi DSA 
Phone: 601/336-2442
Email: SouthMSDSA(a)
University of Southern Mississippi YDS


Kansas City DSA
Email: kcdemocraticsocialists(a)
Website | Facebook | Twitter
Ozarks DSA 
Phone: 417/501-6024
Email: springfieldDSA(a)
St. Louis DSA
Phone: 314/384-6679
Email: info(a)


Helena DSA 
Phone: 406/823-0192
Email: helenamtDSA(a)
Western Montana DSA 
Phone: 406/282-1627
Email: westernmtDSA(a)


Lincoln DSA
Email: DSAlincoln(a)
Omaha DSA
Email: omahaDSA(a)
WebsiteFacebook | Twitter


Las Vegas DSA
Phone: 702/608-3293
Email: LasVegasDSA(a)


Southern New Hampshire DSA
Phone: 978/364-3791
Email: newhampshireDSA(a)


Central Jersey DSA
Email: centralnj(a)
Jersey Shore DSA
Website | Twitter
North New Jersey DSA
Email: northnj(a)
South Jersey DSA
Email: dsasouthjersey(a) 
Website | Facebook | Twitter
Young Democratic Socialists of Princeton
Princeton University | Princeton, NJ


Central New Mexico DSA
Phone: 505/585-5372
Email: abqDSA(a)
Santa Fe DSA
Phone: 505/819-3720
Email: santafeDSA(a) 


Binghamton DSA
Email: DSAbinghamton(a)
Facebook | Twitter
Buffalo DSA
Email: buffaloDSA(a)
Website | Facebook | Twitter
Capital District DSA
Email: albanyDSA(a)
Cornell YDS
Cornell University | Ithaca, NY
Email: cornellyds(a)
Hudson Valley DSA
Email: hudsonvalleyDSA(a)
Ithaca DSA
Contact: IthacaNYDSA(a)
Nassau County DSA
Email: nassaucountyDSA(a)
Facebook | Twitter
New York City DSA
Email:  info(a)
Facebook | Twitter | Meetup
ROCDSA (Rochester)
Email: RochesterDSA(a)
Stony Brook YDS
Stony Brook University | Stony Brook, NY
Suffolk County DSA
Phone: 631/403-0359
Email: suffolkcountyDSA(a)
Syracuse DSA
Email: syracuseDSA(a)
YDS Hofstra
Hofstra University | Hempstead, NY


Asheville DSA 

Email: general(a)
Charlotte DSA 
Email: info(a)
Piedmont DSA (including the Triangle and the Triad)
Email: info(a)
UNC Chapel Hill YDS
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill | Chapel Hill, NC


Red River Valley DSA
Phone: 701/404-7393
Email: gc(a)
Website | Facebook | Twitter


Akron DSA
Phone: 330/485-3721
Email: info(a)
Cleveland DSA
Phone: 216/815-5372
Email: info(a)
Columbus DSA
Email: columbusDSA(a)
Case Western Reserve Young Democratic Socialists
Metro Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky DSA
Email: dsacincy(a)
Ohio State YDS
Ohio State University | Columbus, OH
Email: ydsosu(a)
Portage County DSA
Email: portageDSA(a)


Green Country DSA
Phone: 918/701-0981
Email: speak(a)
Oklahoma City DSA
Phone: 405/215-9163
Email: okc.dsa.usa(a)


Central Oregon DSA 
Email: centraloregonDSA(a)
Eugene DSA
Phone: 541/632-3422
Email: DSAeugene(a)
Facebook | Twitter
Portland DSA
Email: DSAportlandoregon(a)
University of Oregon at Eugene YDS


Arcadia University YDS
Arcadia University | Glenside, PA
Email: YDS.arcadia(a)
Centre County DSA
Email: centrecoDSA(a)
Harrisburg DSA
Phone: 717-686-9711
Email: DSAhbg(a)
Penn State YDS
Penn State University | State College, PA
Philly DSA
Email: phillyDSA(a)
Pittsburgh DSA
Email: info(a)
Steel Valley DSA


Email: info(a)
Brown University YDS (via ProvDSA)
Brown University | Providence, RI


Charleston DSA
Email: info(a)
Website | Facebook | Twitter
Columbia DSA 
Email: DSAofcolumbia(a)


Chattanooga DSA

Email: chattanoogaDSA(a)
Website | Facebook | Twitter
University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Email: yds.utk (a)
Knoxville DSA 
Email: knoxDSA(a)
Memphis DSA
Email: memphisDSA(a)
Phone: 731/410-7083
Middle Tennessee DSA
Email: midtnDSA(a)
Northeast Tennessee DSA
Phone: 423/788-6580
Email: northeastTNdsa(a)
Facebook | Twitter
Sewanee Young Democratic Socialists (SYDS)
Sewanee: University of the South | Sewanee, TN
Email: SewaneeYDS(a)
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Young Democratic Socialists


TX Statewide: Facebook Group
Austin DSA 
Email: contact(a)
Brazos Valley DSA
Email: brazosvalleyDSA(a)
El Chuco del Norte (El Paso) DSA
Email: ChucoDSA(a)
Houston DSA
Email: info(a)
Jack C. Hays High School YDS
Jack C. Hays High School | Buda, TX
Lamar Democratic Socialists
Lamar University | Beaumont, TX
North Texas DSA
Email: dsaNTX(a)
Collin County Branch
Email: DSAcollincountytx(a)
Website | Facebook 
Permian Basin DSA 
Phone: 432/827-2244
Email: DSAPermianBasin(a)
Rio Grande Valley DSA 
Phone: 361/589-5149
Email: DSAriograndevalley(a)
San Antonio DSA
Email: info(a)
Website | Facebook | Twitter
St. Edward's University YDS
St. Edward's University | Austin, TX


Salt Lake City DSA
Email: saltlakeDSA(a)
Southern Utah DSA
Phone: 435/767-1808
Email: sutahDSA(a)


Burlington DSA 
Email: hello(a)


In the DC Metro area? See the DC area chapter.
Charlottesville DSA
Phone: 434/218-0598
Email: cvilleDSA(a)
Fredericksburg DSA
Phone: 540/642-0040
Email: fburgDSA(a)
Freedom High School YDS
Freedom High School | Chantilly, VA
Email: freedomyds(a)
George Mason University YDS
George Mason University | Fairfax, VA
Email: gmuydsa(a)
Richmond DSA
Phone: 804/251-0181
Email: DSArichmond(a)
William & Mary YDS
College of William & Mary | Williamsburg, VA


Everett/Snohomish County (SnoCo) DSA
Email: info(a)
Olympia DSA 
Phone: 971-704-2452
Email: DSAolympia(a)
Pacific Lutheran University YDS
Pacific Lutheran University | Tacoma, WA
Email: yds(a)
Seattle/Puget Sound DSA
Email: info(a)
South Sound DSA 
Email: info(a)
Spokane DSA
Email: spokaneDSA(a)
West Sound DSA
Email: westsoundDSA(a)
Whatcom DSA
Phone: 971/260-6564
Email: whatcomDSA(a)
Website | Facebook | Twitter


Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia
Phone: 304/278-4547
Email: epwvDSA(a)
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Kanawha Valley DSA
North Central West Virginia DSA
Phone: 304/278-4207
Email: WVdsa(a)


Madison DSA

Email: DSAmadison(a)
Milwaukee DSA
Email: milwaukeeDSA(a)
Twin Ports MN/WI DSA
Email: DSA.duluth(a)
UW-Madison YDS
University of Wisconsin-Madison | Madison, WI
UW-Stevens Point YDS
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point | Stevens Point, WI


Southeast Wyoming DSA
Phone: 307/316-2380
Email: sewyDSA(a) & laramieDSA(a)
CLICK HERE to start a chapter in your area!

New Member Call, June 24

June 24, 2018

9pm ET/8 CT/7 MT/6 PT

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You've joined DSA - Great! Now register for this New Member Orientation call and find out more about our politics and our vision. And, most importantly, how you can become involved.

Questions or Comments? Contact: 

Sam M

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**Note: this page originally had the wrong date listed. The Correct date is Sunday the 24th**

M4A Chapter Activist Training Call: How to Pass a Medicare for All City Council Resolution

June 30, 2018

Saturday June 30th at 4pm ET/3pm CT/2pm MT/1pm PST

Click Here to RSVP

In March, Philadelphia DSA members showed up in droves with healthcare workers, community members, and elected leaders to pass a Philadelphia city-wide resolution supporting the Medicare for All Act of 2017 and affirming universal access to healthcare as a human right. This victory showed that in a city where the poverty rate is over 26%, city council leaders learned where to stand when it comes to universal healthcare. To move a national campaign to win Medicare for All, we need to build support from a broad range of cities and municipalities across the country. With some research, planning, and lobbying, you could work with city council members to pass a resolution of support in your city too!

Click Here to RSVP