YDSA 2022 Fall Drive Kickoff!

Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

8:00 PM EDT / 7:00 PM CDT / 6:00 PM MDT / 5:00 PM PDT

Call / Meeting Info


Event Information

Join us on Tuesday, August 16th at 8:00pm ET / 7:00pm CT / 6:00pm MT / 5:00pm PT for our mass call kicking off our YDSA 2022 Fall Drive!
The Fall Recruitment Drive is where we launch and train organizers to start new chapters at their schools, revitalize smaller chapters, and expand our existing chapters to take political power and build solidarity.
At this call we’ll hear from experienced socialist organizers including DSA elected-officials, DSA organizers, and YDSA chapter leaders on their experience building socialism in our time as well get a sneak peak at what’s coming for the trainings on the call.
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