How can we make DSA Anti-racist and Multiracial?

Sunday, July 18th, 2021

7:00 PM EDT / 6:00 PM CDT / 5:00 PM MDT / 4:00 PM PDT

Event Information


A conversation connecting issues faced by people of color during DSA's origins and today, between the authors of “A people of color’s history of DSA” (2019), Alyssa de la Rosa and David Roddy of Sacramento DSA, and authors of two convention resolutions, #27 (Beyond 100K) and #31 (Making DSA a Multiracial and Anti-racist Organization). De La Rosa and Roddy conducted archival research and talked with founders of the people of color caucuses in the original DSA/NAM. They will present a short summary of their findings, followed by a moderated conversation with authors of resolutions #27 and #31. All DSA members welcome--for DSA to become a self-consciously multiracial and anti-racist organization, we need everyone's efforts.