Green New Deal Electoral Slate Launch Call

Thursday, April 14th, 2022

8:30 PM EDT / 7:30 PM CDT / 6:30 PM MDT / 5:30 PM PDT

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We are thrilled to announce that we are launching the first phase of our national Green New Deal campaign on Thursday, April 14, 2022! Join us as we hear from Hugo Soto-Martinez, Paul Prescod, Sarahana Shrestha, Robert Bell, and Elisabeth Epps.

If we are to effectively pressure Congress, we must build power at the grassroots levelSo, in the spirit of class struggle elections, we are proud to present: The Green New Deal Slate.

The following candidates, picked from those endorsed by the National Electoral Committee, have joined our Green New Deal Slate. We selected these candidates through thorough research and collaboration with local DSA chapters. Local chapters’ strategic vision helps advance climate legislation in office.

Over the next few months, we will be fundraising, canvassing and phone/text-banking for these candidates to help them beat elected officials who are deep in the pockets of fossil capitalists. Here they are - the people who are going to help us start winning the fight for Green New Deal all over the country in 2023 and beyond:

With many of our elected bodies under the stranglehold of fossil capital, we are clearly up against some strong enemies. That is why when we fight, we must fight together. Enter the 2022 Green New Deal Slate. A slate is our best tool to show our collective power in action. It demonstrates that we are committed to fighting alongside one another––on the ground, online, and at the ballot box–– to not only win these crucial seats but to collaborate across the country after Election Day and advance our goals.

We cannot wait to see you on April 14th for this launch call. Be sure to register today!