DSA Strike Ready: Supporting the UPS Teamsters' Contract Fight!

Monday, May 8th, 2023

8:30 PM EDT / 7:30 PM CDT / 6:30 PM MDT / 5:30 PM PDT

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Event Information

DSA Labor has launched its Strike Ready campaign to support the UPS Teamsters in their contract fight. The campaign encourages chapters to pass the Strike Ready resolution and appoint solidarity captains, and we already have over 90 solidarity captains identified from 40+ chapters.

The Strike Ready campaign will require the entire organization to be involved and ready to support the UPS Teamsters, including at-large members, smaller chapters, chapters with less active labor work, YDSA chapters, and chapters that have not yet passed the resolution. Further, this campaign is also meant to help chapters build their labor work and solidarity capacity. UPS is the first of many fights to come and chapters and members should get “strike ready” for all of the labor fights ahead.

This mass call will explain what the Strike Ready campaign is, why the UPS Teamsters’ contract fight is important, what work has already been done, and how members, including those at-large, can plug into the work. Further, this call will help chapters learn how to hold solidarity fund fundraisers in May as part of the Strike Ready campaign and re-ignite excitement around the campaign as it begins to ramp up during June and July.