DSA Organizing School: Class 1

Thursday, April 30th, 2020

8:00 PM EDT / 7:00 PM CDT / 6:00 PM MDT / 5:00 PM PDT

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Bernie Sanders inspired a multiracial movement of working-class people to take action for solidarity, peace, and democratic socialism. It’s time to build on Bernie's #NotMeUs movement to free the world from oppression, imperialism, and capitalism, and this training is to analyze our material conditions, develop strategic campaigns that force concessions from ruling-class institutions, build multiracial coalitions that last, and map our workplaces and communities in order to grow a mass organization for working class power.
Join us for a three-part training series (it's okay to miss one if you need to!) starting Thursday April 30th and continuing every other Thursday through May. The training series will cover political analysis and organizing skills to build on the working-class movement that fueled Bernie Sanders historic run for the presidency and will be especially useful for Bernie supporters who want to get more integrated into DSA.