Building Power Through DSA Strike Support

Monday, February 28th, 2022

8:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM CST / 6:00 PM MST / 5:00 PM PST

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Building Power Through DSA Strike Support hosted by the DSA Democratic Socialist Labor Commission.

Over the past year, many of our DSA chapters have built connections with labor unions through PRO Act rallies and strike support. While many of us had great conversations with workers on the picket line and perhaps invited them to share their strike experience at a chapter meeting, many chapters have had difficulty cultivating deep and long-lasting relationships with these rank-and-file workers.

The fizzling out of the relationship can oftentimes be traced back to the member not making an immediate next ask after that teach-in rather than the worker's disinterest. Feelings of awkwardness and uncertainty can hold us back from providing these potential members into our chapter which in turn limits our ability to build a multiracial working-class movement.

This workshop offers practical tips on building solidarity with workers. Effectively incorporating rank-and-file union members into our chapters has the potential to strengthen both DSA as an organization and the labor movement more broadly.

This event will take place over Zoom on February 28th at 8:00pm EST/7:00pm CT/6:00pm MT/5:00pm PT.