Black Health. Black Liberation. #CareNotCops

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

8:00 PM EDT / 7:00 PM CDT / 6:00 PM MDT / 5:00 PM PDT

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Uprisings across the country are bringing attention to the injustices of police brutality and systemic racism. But how do movements like Medicare for All meet this moment, especially in the time of COVID-19? In this series, we'll speak to activists and organizers fighting at the intersection of healthcare and Black liberation.

Tuesday night's panel #CareNotCops will focus on the movement to defund the police, the need to reinvest in Black health, and the health consequences of the prison industrial complex, and the need for transformative & healing justice.

Moderated by Melissa Watkins, Afrosocialists LA


Jeanna Harris, RN
Greg Akili, Black Lives Matter - LA
Dr. Robert Fullilove, Columbia University

  • Afrosocialists & Socialists of Color Caucus, DSA
  • Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) Action
  • Democratic Socialists of America 
  • M4A Committee, DSA 
  • National Union of Healthcare Workers
  • Healthy California Now
  • People's Action
  • Physicians for a National Health Program