If you’re running to be a delegate to the 2021 DSA Convention (or considering it), join us for an info call that will cover all of the basics on the 2021 Convention, including what to expect as a delegate, the proposed schedule, the role of chapters leading up to Convention, the platform and resolutions process,…

May 12
8:00 PM EDT

RSVP Here Since April 28, Colombia has mobilized against the Duque administration in what started as a national strike and became a nationwide mass mobilization. The state has responded to the mobilizations with militarization of the major cities, with tanks lining up along the streets and avenues. The riot police, ESMAD are now responsible for…

May 14
7:00 PM EDT

Why build a mass organization and what will it take? This training includes historical context, discussions, and breakouts to explore the idea of building a mass organization, and why DSA is committed to becoming a mass working class organization.

May 25
8:00 PM EDT