RSVP Here As we assess the current state of class struggle post-Covid, organized labor is still weak after decades of capitalist suppression. Yet, support for the PRO Act is slowly growing, militant workplace actions are becoming more common, and a large majority of Americans favor unions. What should socialists make of this daunting but hopeful…

Jun 27
6:00 PM EDT

If you’ve been elected as a delegate to the 2021 DSA Convention, join us for an info call that will cover all of the basics on the 2021 Convention, including what to expect as a delegate, the proposed schedule, the role of chapters leading up to Convention, the platform and resolutions process, important dates and…

Jul 6
8:00 PM EDT

  Register Here Interested in building working class power through DSA, but don’t have a chapter in your area? Want more info on what it would take to start one? This call is for you! We will lay out the organizing and administrative steps to take so that you can grow from a small group…

Jul 7
8:00 PM EDT