Leadership and Structure


DSA’s primary political leadership is the National Political Committee (NPC), a sixteen-person body which functions as the board of directors of DSA and is elected every two years by the delegates to DSA’s National Convention. Every DSA chapter is entitled to send a certain number of delegates to the National Convention, based upon the chapter’s size. There are also “at-large” delegates to represent areas where there are no active chapters.

The DSA Constitution:

  • requires that eight slots of the NPC be reserved for women, and that at least five of the NPC slots be reserved for people of color.
  • gives the NPC the power to charter DSA locals and commissions, as well as DSA’s Youth Section.

The NPC:

  • guides and leads the implementation of DSA’s major political and organizational goals, which are broadly defined every two years by the delegates to the National Convention
  • gives instructions to the national staff about how to carry forward DSA’s day-to-day work.
  • creates task forces and committees to guide particular areas of DSA’s political work.
  • conducts long weekend meetings four times each year.
  • elects five of its members to serve on the Steering Committee (SC). The SC can be emailed at sc(at)dsausa.org.

National Political Committee Members, 2019-2021

Contact the NPC at: npc(at)dsausa.org

  • Abdullah Younus, New York City, NY
  • Austin Gonzalez, Richmond, VA
  • Blanca Estevez, Northwest Arkansas
  • Dave Pinkham, Austin, TX
  • Erika Paschold, Lincoln, NE
  • Hannah Allison, Lawrence, KS
  • Jen McKinney, Eugene, OR
  • Jennifer Bolen, San Francisco, CA
  • Kristian Hernandez, North Texas
  • Maikiko James, Los Angeles, CA
  • Marianela D’Aprile, Chicago, IL
  • Megan Svoboda, New York City, NY
  • Natalie Midiri, Philadelphia, PA
  • Sauce, North Bay, CA
  • Sean Estelle, Chicago, IL
  • Tawny Tidwell, New York City, NY
  • Amelia Blair Smith, YDSA Co-Chair
  • Kristen Cervero, YDSA Co-Chair

Young Democratic Socialists of America National Coordinating Committee
Amelia Blair Smith, Co-Chair
Kristen Cervero, Co-Chair

Democratic Left Magazine | dlmagazine(at)dsausa.org
Maxine Phillips, Editor

Medicare For All Steering Committee | medicareforall(at)dsausa.org

Democratic Socialist Labor Commission | DSLC(at)dsausa.org

National Electoral Committee | elections(at)dsausa.org

DSA Weekly Blog
Maxine Phillips, Editor

Visual Design | visualdesign(at)dsausa.org

DSA Staff:

The DSA and DSA Fund national offices are located in New York City and Washington D.C.

DSA staff does not set the organization’s political goals. Rather, staff helps to fulfill the goals set by DSA’s elected volunteer leadership.

  • National Director, Maria Svart, coordinates with staff to carry out the basic work of the organization and the strategic plan developed by the convention delegates and National Political Committee.
  • Assistant to the National Director, Heidi Chua
  • Operations Director, Kristina Sepúlveda, ensures our compliance with regulatory rules and improves our general efficiency.
  • Financial Manager (part time), Fatou Camara, manages our books, enters income and expenses, and provides reports.
  • Organizing Director, Glenn Rehn
  • Field Organizers support and organize DSA chapters and organizing committees including coordinating national leadership trainings for DSA members.
  • Internal Communications and Digital Organizing Coordinator, Claudia Cahill oversees member outreach, coordination of DSA publications, and digital organizing.
  • Development Director, Alison Baldree oversees renewals and other fundraising campaigns.
  • Conventions and Conferences Coordinator, Michael Grochowski
  • Finance Coordinator, Tyler Hefferon
  • Database Coordinator, Eileen Casterline, oversees our membership database and its use in chapter organizing and fundraising/renewals.
  • Data and Technology Manager, Rebecca Ruechel
  • Program Associate, Lawrence Dreyfuss, supports all aspects of national DSA’s work including swag, national working groups and committees, Zoom call accounts, communications, remote and local volunteers, etc.
  • Program Associate, Zachariah Boyer, provides operations and organizing support.
  • Membership Services Coordinator, Elizabeth Yoo
  • Office Coordinator, Lisa Flores, maintains the office and manages administrative tasks, pre-organizing committees (pre-OCs), pre-OC related calls and resources, and assists Organizing and Operations staff with event planning, administrative support, and other aspects of their work.
  • National Grievance and Harassment Officer, Paula Brantner: nationalgrievanceofficer@dsausa.org