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Information about our other National Working Groups and Committees can be found here.

The national office cannot give out contact information for Committees, Working Groups, or their leaders that is not already publicly listed on the website.

Questions about your local DSA Chapter or OC, including questions about local events, should go to them! Find their contact information here.

The national office cannot give out contact information for OCs, Chapters, or their leaders that is not already publicly listed on the website. Not all Chapters and OCs have phone numbers, so if a group does not have a phone number listed on the Chapters page, please contact them another way.

Membership & Dues: Please check the FAQ page. Membership FAQ is at the top. For questions not answered on the FAQ, see below for membership contact information.

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The elected National Political Committee leads the implementation of DSA’s major political and organizational goals. These are broadly defined by delegates to the National Convention every two years.

Click here to read more about DSA’s structure and national leadership.


The DSA and DSA Fund national offices are located in New York City and Washington D.C.

DSA staff does not set the organization’s political goals. Rather, staff helps to fulfill the goals set by DSA’s elected volunteer leadership.

  • National Director, Maria Svart, coordinates with staff to carry out the basic work of the organization and the strategic plan developed by the convention delegates and National Political Committee.
  • Assistant to the National Director, Heidi Chua
  • Operations Director, Kristina Sepúlveda, ensures our compliance with regulatory rules and improves our general efficiency.
  • Organizing Director, Glenn Rehn
  • Field Organizers support and organize DSA chapters and organizing committees including coordinating national leadership trainings for DSA members.
  • Internal Communications and Digital Organizing Coordinator, Claudia Cahill oversees member outreach, coordination of DSA publications, and digital organizing.
  • Development Director, Alison Baldree oversees renewals and other fundraising campaigns.
  • Conventions and Conferences Coordinator, Michael Grochowski
  • Finance Coordinator, Tyler Hefferon
  • Database Coordinator, Eileen Casterline, oversees our membership database and its use in chapter organizing and fundraising/renewals.
  • Data and Technology Manager, Rebecca Ruechel
  • Program Associate, Lawrence Dreyfuss, supports all aspects of national DSA’s work including swag, national working groups and committees, Zoom call accounts, communications, remote and local volunteers, etc.
  • Program Associate, Zachariah Boyer, provides operations and organizing support.
  • Membership Services Coordinator, Elizabeth Yoo
  • Office Coordinator, Lisa Flores, maintains the office and manages administrative tasks, pre-organizing committees (pre-OCs), pre-OC related calls and resources, and assists Organizing and Operations staff with event planning, administrative support, and other aspects of their work.
  • National Grievance and Harassment Officer, Paula Brantner:

Staff do all-hands-on-deck planning and carrying out major events: the national convention every two years, the annual YDSA winter outreach conference, the annual YDSA convention, quarterly NPC meetings, etc.

For urgent membership related matters not answered on the FAQ, call 212-727-8610 between 10:30am and 5:30pm.