Delegate Travel Share Information

Convention delegates (not observers or alternates, unless they are seated) take part in a mandatory travel share to help equalize transportation costs for attendees. Under this system, we can make sure those traveling farther away can pay roughly the same as those traveling from nearby. In this small way, we can put our socialist values into action. This system is mandatory in order to vote in the convention. If you cannot pay the travel share, please see the hardship waiver information below.

Before the convention begins every delegate must have either paid $75 into the travel share fund or submitted their travel cost information.

Every delegate must pick one of two options for the travel share:

Option 1: If you are are driving, flying with frequent flyer miles, or taking a bus or a train (unless cost is comparable to an airfare) you must pay $75 into the travel share fund. Please make your travel share payment here.

Option 2: If you are flying, or have transportation costs comparable to an airfare, you should have submitted your cost information with the second step of your registration. If you completed your registration before you had this information, please submit this form

 We will calculate the average cost of delegates choosing option 2 (currently at about $380) and then subsidize it with the $75 payments from folks who chose option one.

If you are in pool 2 and your travel cost is less than the estimated travel share you must pay the difference into the fund at the registration table.

If you are in pool 2 and your travel cost is more than the estimate you will receive a rebate of the difference after the convention. .

Covered expenses for option 2 include airfare, bus fare or train fare, or mileage and tolls (based on the IRS charity mileage rate in effect at the convention (currently 14 cents a mile).  Most people who fly chose option 2. Hotel costs, transportation to or from an airport or other terminal, baggage fees and meal costs are not included.  Transportation costs deemed excessive may be reduced for the purpose of calculating and dispensing rebates. Travel from outside the United States is not included.

If you are unable to participate in the travel share system because of financial hardship, please use this form to submit a request to waive your travel share payment

DSA Queer Socialists Conference Call

August 21, 2017
· 21 rsvps

Join DSA's Queer Socialists Working Group to discuss possible activities for the group and its proposed structure. 9 pm ET/8 pm CT/7 pm MT/6 pm PT.


Film Discussion: Pride

September 10, 2017
· 41 rsvps

Join DSA members Eric Brasure and Brendan Hamill to discuss the British film Pride (2014). It’s 1984, British coal miners are on strike, and a group of gays and lesbians in London bring the queer community together to support the miners in their fight. Based on the true story of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners. The film is available for rent on YouTube, Amazon, and iTunes. 8 ET/7 CT/6 MT/5 PT.

Film Discussion: Union Maids

September 24, 2017
· 23 rsvps


Join DSA member and labor historian Susan Hirsch in discussing Union Maids (1976). Nominated for an Academy Award, this documentary follows three Chicago labor organizers (Kate Hyndman, Stella Nowicki, and Sylvia Woods) active beginning in the 1930s. The filmmakers were members of the New American Movement (a precursor of DSA), and the late Vicki Starr (aka Stella Nowicki) was a longtime member of Chicago DSA and the Chicago Women's Liberation Union. It’s available free on YouTube, though sound quality is poor. 8ET/7CT/6MT/5PT.