Official statements from the DSA's National Political Committee.

Minutes of October 2017 National Political Committee Meeting

You can download the minutes of the October 2017 National Political Committee meeting on the left hand side. The NPC meet in Chicago from October 13 to 15, 2017. 

DSA Statement on Distribution of Funds by NCF for the Victims of A12 in Charlottesville

In an extraordinary display of solidarity, comrades from around the country came together to raise nearly $200,000 for survivors of right-wing violence in the fascist attack on August 12 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Crowdfunding for hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct aid was a new tactic for DSA initiated in response to a clear need. We have learned many lessons from this experience and will undoubtedly learn more as the process continues. In October, DSA’s Steering Committee voted to give these funds to the National Compassion Fund (NCF) for distribution. A statement explaining this decision was sent shortly after to chapter leaders and was also publicly posted on the fundraiser as an update, which you can read here. DSA’s funds were all successfully transferred to NCF during the second week of November.

The NCF has appointed a local steering committee, which includes one member of DSA Charlottesville and one member of DSA Richmond, to establish the eligibility criteria, application deadlines, validation requirements, and method(s) of distribution. DSA’s elected leadership chose NCF for its track record of confidentially vetting victims and transparently distributing funds as they did following the mass shooting at the Orlando Pulse nightclub in June of 2016. Transferring the money to NCF provided the best route for ensuring that those harmed would not have to file police reports; that their identities and health information would remain confidential at the local and national level; that there would be experienced oversight of the funds and that they would be disbursed correctly based on local need. The NCF is still accepting applications from survivors of the Charlottesville attack to receive funds. To apply, visit

Any questions about the distribution of funds should be directed to NCF at 855-4VICTIM. We will keep DSA membership updated on NCF’s disbursement through posts to this website as their process continues.  




Drain the Swamp: Defeat the Trump Tax Cuts

Statement of the National Political Committee of Democratic Socialists of America

November 25, 2017

President Trump came to office allegedly aiming to “drain the swamp” of privileged “special interests.” But the tax proposals put forth by Trump and the GOP are a gift to these same interests, an all-out assault on equality, and class warfare waged by capital. We urge all DSA locals to join the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and Jobs with Justice rallies against the tax cuts at local Senate offices on Wednesday November 29th! Check with your local CWA or Jobs with Justice office. At a minimum call your Republican Senators and urge them to vote no. Click here to see how.

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Resolutions from 2017 Convention

Please click here to download a summary of resolutions passed, tabled, and failed at the 2017 DSA convention.

Democratic Socialists of America Endorses the Medicare for All Act of 2017

Statement of the DSA National Political Committee, September 15 2017

This week, Bernie Sanders -- a democratic socialist and long-time universal health care advocate -- filed the Medicare for All Act of 2017. DSA enthusiastically endorses this landmark bill, and will fight tirelessly for its passage.

The newfound support for Medicare for All among some Democrats represents a decisive shift in the national political landscape. Just four years ago, Sen. Sanders was alone when he introduced a previous version of the bill. Today, it has sixteen co-sponsors. This happened only because of sustained, grassroots organizing and pressure by DSA members and many other organizations across the country.

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Statement Condemning HR 620 and Supporting the Disability Integration Act

Condemning HR 620 and Supporting the Disability Integration Act: A Joint Statement of the Disability Working Group and the NPC

September 15, 2017

Disability is a social restriction that affects people of every class, race, and gender. As socialists, we recognize that liberation can only be universal. In order to win the struggle for justice we must confront and dismantle the capitalist institutions that oppress people with physical, mental, and developmental impairments.

Policies that isolate disabled people from their communities are inherently oppressive. Separate cannot be equal, but it would be permissible under the ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017 (H.R. 620). In its 27 years of existence, the Americans with Disabilities Act has already proven wildly insufficient in guaranteeing disabled people access to the major institutions of our society. H.R. 620 would further weaken the ADA by removing the consequences associated with ADA non-compliance and further entrenching a system wherein disabled people are responsible for removing the barriers to accessing their communities.

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NPC Statement on its Censure of Danny Fetonte and Its Decision to Retain Him on the National Political Committee

NPC Statement on its Censure of Danny Fetonte and Its Decision to Retain Him on the National Political Committee

August 28, 2017


On Sunday evening, the National Political Committee of the Democratic Socialists of America voted to censure Danny Fetonte, a member of the NPC, for uncomradely and misleading behaviour inconsistent with what is expected of a leader of our movement. In addition, the NPC voted against removing Fetonte from the NPC by a vote of 8.5 against his removal to 7.5 votes for his removal (the half vote result from the YDSA co-chairs splitting their one vote). This fell short of the 11 votes needed to remove Fetonte from the NPC.

These decisions follow a robust discussion on the appropriate response to Fetonte’s omittance of important information during the most recent national elections. In reaching this decision, NPC gratefully accepted comments from numerous DSA Chapters and Working Groups and sought an amicable resolution by engaging in mediation with Fetonte, which broke down this weekend.

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Statement on Nazi Violence in Charlottesville

Statement of the DSA National Political Committee Interim Steering Committee, August 13, 2017

Yesterday's events in Charlottesville, Virginia are a stark reminder that we must fight for socialism or succumb to the barbarism of white supremacy.

We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the white supremacist, racist, anti-Semitic terrorist attack on our comrades in the DSA, the ISO, IWW, Antifa and all others who joined forces in the streets of Charlottesville, VA yesterday.

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The Senate Health Care Bill Must Be Defeated: Building a Movement for “Medicare for All”

Statement of the DSA National Political Committee, June 28, 2017

The Senate version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) that the Republican leadership hopes to ram through without any hearings or substantive debate poses a grave threat to the well-being of all but the wealthy few. The bill is nothing less than an effort to take coverage away from tens of millions of low-to-moderate income families in order to provide a massive tax cut of $400 billion over the next ten years to the top five percent of income tax payers and to medical instrument and prescription drug companies. DSA urges its members to mobilize and press their Senators (of both parties) to vote against the Senate bill. The fight to defeat a Senate bill will continue through the summer, as the Republicans failed to pass the bill before the July 4th recess. (Longer term, DSA is committed to working on state and federal “Medicare for all” legislation; see below.)

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The System Is Not Broken, It Is Working As Designed

A statement of the National Political Committee of Democratic Socialists of America

Democratic Socialists of America mourns with the family, friends, Teamsters local 320, and community of Philando Castile, or ‘Mr. Phil” as he was known at the school where he worked. He was beloved by the children that he served with care, thoughtfulness, and decency.

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